How to create and send predefined replies on Gmail

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How to create and send predefined replies on Gmail. Now you can create predefined replies - pre-written emails by you, which you can send with one click.

After the recent UI revamp, Gmail has reasserted itself as the best email service for ease of use and accessibility.

We will show you how to create predefined replies in Gmail.

How to create and send predefined replies on Gmail

Enable default Gmail replies

First, you need to enable Default replies in Gmail. It's a bit of a mystery why such a useful feature isn't enabled by default.

To turn on Default replies, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Gmail inbox.

In Settings, click the Advanced tab, then select "Enable" next to "Default responses".

How to use Gmail default replies

From now on, when composing a new email, you can click the three dot menu icon in the "New Message" box and "Default Replies" will appear as an option. Hover over it and you will see options to insert, delete and save your predefined answers.

To create a new default response (or an automatic response template, as appropriate), ignore the “Default Response” setting for now. Simply write what you want to say in your autoresponder in the body of the New Message box.

When done, click on the menu icon in the lower right corner, select "Default Responses", then click "New Default Response".

You will be prompted to give your default answer a name. Give it a label and click "OK". We called ours "Contact Us".

Now, the next time you go to the Default Replies menu in the New Message box, you will see your new auto reply appear as an option. If you want to add it to the email, just click on it under the “Insert” heading.

If you want to change your default response, first open it under the “Insert” heading, make your changes, then go back to the default response menu and click under the “Save” heading. Press OK when prompted to confirm overwriting.

To delete a predefined reply, open the Predefined Replies menu and select it under the “Delete” heading.


As you can see now you can create predefined replies on Gmail for each case of email you receive without having to rewrite or copy a text already set

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