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You are looking for a guide who will explain you how to create youtube cover? Very well, you found it!

In this tutorial we show you all the procedure regarding the creation of an ad hoc image for your channel. This is not a long or complex operation: in a few simple steps you will have succeeded in your intent. But no delay: let's go!

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How to create YouTube cover

If you have recently decided to open a YouTube channel to make yourself known online, before taking this final step you are wondering how to make it as nice as possible graphically. For this reason you are thinking about the cover to use. Have you ever done anything like this? Don't worry, there are special programs with which even non-professionals can create very captivating content.

So, let's not dwell further: take a few minutes of your free time and follow our instructions on how to create youtube cover. In the next few lines we will explain which programs to use online: there are several available, but we have selected two in particular that can really help you. Enjoy the reading!

Procedure with Canva

The first program we see is Canva: it allows you to create very varied graphic works, with ready-to-use templates. It is a free web app, also available for Android and iOS (although some graphics can be purchased for a fee). For create YouTube cover with Canva You must first register for the service: go to the main page of the app, click on "Sign up with your email address" (item at the bottom left) and then register with your email address. You can also sign up using your Google account or via Facebook (there are the appropriate social buttons).

Once this is done, access the service and write "YouTube" in the search bar at the top, then select the item "YouTube Channel Graphics". In a few moments you will be redirected to the Canva editor: here he browses the various templates on the left and click on the one you like best. Now click on left side buttons: “Photo” to add new images; "Elements" to add frames, graphics, shapes, lines and much more; "Text" to add text boxes; "Background" to change the background and finally "Uploads" to upload files from your PC.

Once the job is done, click on "Download" (button at the top right) and select the output format you prefer, then PNG, JPG etc. Now click on “Download” again: in a few moments the download of your cover will be ready.

Procedure with Crello

Another very functional online software is Crello: through customizable templates you can create semi-professional graphic projects. Its free version offers thousands of free templates but, subscribing to the premium from $ 6,67 per month, you will have access to more content and features. First go to this page and register for the service using your email. In the appropriate text fields, enter your name, email and password to use for your account, accept the terms of use of the service and then click on the "Create an account".

If you want you can also register via Google or Facebook account by clicking on the appropriate buttons. Once you have registered, select the item "Spagnano" from the menu at the top right, and then click on the "View all 40 formats" button. A page will open where you will have to click on “YouTube channel graphics” (section “Covers and headers”).

Just like in Canva, even in Crello you can customize the image to your liking clicking on one of the elements on the sidebar located on the left. That is: "Photo", to insert new images; "Background", to change the texture and background color of the cover; "Texts", to insert new texts; "Objects", to add shapes, icons, illustrations, lines, borders, stickers and frames, or “My files”, to upload images from your computer.

We're almost there: once the job is done, click on the "Download" button (item at the top right): a box will appear in the center of the page from which you will have to select the format of download you prefer (such as JPG, PNG, PDF etc). Now all that remains is to download and wait for it to finish.

How to create a channel graphic without programs

Youtube is an opportunity on the web not to be missed by anyone, in fact, its worldwide resonance can make you earn a real salary, if you can arouse in the public, emotions and funny videos but, to be successful you will have to understand how to create youtube cover, beautiful and impressing visitors.

How to create a channel graphic without programs it is possible, if you continue reading this guide, sitting quietly in front of your PC. Are you ready? Then follow me! For the Youtube cover you will have to search for the site, then you will have to type the Backgrounder section (section dedicated to the creation of youtube covers and more).

Choose a theme from the list and on the left change the name of the text with the name of your channel and change the font to your liking. You will be able to choose the color and how to place the name, and finally click on Download to save your work. You will have to go up Youtube and upload the graphic page of your channel, in a simple and free way. How to create a channel graphic without youtube programs, it has never been easier.

I can't edit the Youtube channel graphics

You have been on Youtube for some time and you have the dream of starting to make money, or you simply want to share videos to demonstrate all your value but, you are unable to edit the graphics of the Youtube channel. Don't worry, I'll take care of explaining how to do it, through this guide and by continuing to read you will find out how to create youtube cover, immediately.

First, you will need to access Youtube and select My Channel at the top right, then type New Channel Graphics and then Add the Channel Graphics, the writing will come out Existing Channel Graphics, immediately after you will have to press Edit the Channel Graphics, you just have to upload an image or a photo you prefer, then you have to click Crop the Photo and Select.

Proceeding as explained, you will be able to change the graphics of the Youtube channel, in a short time and following a few simple steps, as just shown, then it will be your responsibility to choose a captivating photo, to attract more users to your channel.

Youtube covers

You use Youtube but, you always find it difficult with copertine Youtube, because you always want to modify them to make them more attractive and attract new people to your channel and this philosophy, I must say that it is perfect, because the cover has a huge impact on the use of the channel and if you really want to monetize, this step will be essential.

In this guide you have already read everything about covers and on Youtube channel graphics and I'm glad, in fact, you understand how:

  • Create a Youtube cover with the Canva and Crello programs
  • Create a channel graphic without programs

Now you just have to find out how to create a Youtube cover through some very useful tips:

  • You will need to use your channel colors to try to give a touch of class to your channel, inserting the colors of the logo of your channel on the cover where you usually shoot the videos you publish in it.
  • You will need to make the channel theme clear, if it is a YouTube channel that talks about sports, you could insert images of the sports that you deal with and recall this theme.
  • You will have to entice users to follow you, perhaps adding in one of the corners of the cover some message that may entice users to subscribe to your channel (example: I wait for you on my channel)
  • You will need to use the same graphics used on other platforms that you also have on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, using the same graphics will therefore allow you to adopt a good strategy to approach other users.

How to create YouTube cover: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to create youtube cover. If you already have Photoshop installed on your computer, I recommend that you try using this program as well. But I warn you: the procedure to be performed in this case is more complex, so we recommended Canva and Crello. Good work!

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