How to customize the quick access folder in Windows 10

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Customize Quick Access in Windows 10:- There are chances that the Quick access that appear in the left pane when you open the This PC section. Well, they are really amazing as they help you to quickly access files and folders instead of scrolling down, remembering the location, navigating through entire files and finishing after a couple or three minutes. Here we will show you how to customize them, that is, how to add or remove files from them and what should actually be displayed there.

Quick access settings

The folders and files that appear in the Quick Access section are initially automated. The files to be displayed in them are selected by the operating system and mostly they choose the recently accessed files for this quick access. But we don't always need to be interested in those files and folders. In fact, we might not even use them in the meantime. So there are options under What to Watch Yes What Not to See in the Quick Access section.

Step 1:

Open File Explorer on your system.

Step 2:

Click on the File option available at the top left and choose from the options, Change Folder and Search Options.

Step 3:

In the Folder Options window that appears, go to the bottom Privacy option that appears in the General section.

Step 4:

Choose the option Show frequently used folders in Quick Access yes Show recently used files in Quick Access by clicking buttons before them

Step 5:

Touch the OK button to continue.

Add or remove files in quick access

This is very simple which only requires a few tasks and can be done in three different ways.

Step 1:

Drag and drop the file or folder just below the Quick Access that appears in the left navigation pane, when you open the This PC section.

Step 2:

Right click on the file you want to add, choose the option Add current location to favorites in its context menu.

Step 3:

Alternatively, in the latest version of Windows, when you right-click on the file, an option called Add to Quick Access will appear. You can try that too.

To delete the file or folder, right-click on it and choose the Unblock from Quick Access option. But if you are using an older version of Windows then right click and choose Get Rid Of option.

Now start saving time by using your quick access!

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