How to customize Windows text color in Windows 10

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Yes, the Windows text color can be customized. It can be changed from the usual black to any other color of your choice. In fact, you can change the Windows text color for all installed desktop applications at the same time.

This feature for changing Windows text colors was available in previous versions that used the Classic theme. But it stopped with the Windows 8 and Windows 10 versions and was completely removed. However, you can still change the color with some tweaks in the Registry Editor. Let's see how.

* Note: The new colors can also be applied to Wordpad, Notepad, Windows Search Box, File Explorer, and more.

How to change Windows text color in Windows 10

Step 1: press the Tasto Windows + R together on the keyboard to open the file run box type Regedit in the box and press Log in to open the file Registry Editor.

Step 2: A Registry Editor, go to the following path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelColors

On the right side of the window, scroll down and double-click Windows text key.

Step 3: Now open Microsoft Paint application, click Change the colors in the upper right corner of the Paint app, next to the color palette.

4 phase: Select a color of your choice from Basic colors a Change colors window This will be the color of your text. In this case, we select one of the blue colors. Then at the bottom right of the file Change the colors observe the values ​​for the file Red, green and blue fields (RGB value).

Step 5: Enter the RGB values as you noticed in the Change the colors window and insert them into the file Valuable data field in the Windows text key in Registry Editor according to the following format:

Red (space) Green (space) Blue

Hit ok per salvare I modified it.

For the changes to take effect, it is necessary Disconnect from your Microsoft account e Record. It looks like this:

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