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Google News is a useful app for keeping up to date with world news and getting all the news in one place. You can get news from the most trusted sources on Google News.

However, there may be a lot of news on your Google News feed that you don't care about or don't care about. As irrelevant news takes up your screen, you miss out on what's most important to you. Here we'll show you how to customize your Google News feed for better content.

Tailor your Google News to your interests

Google News relies heavily on your browsing history, so you can't control the news that appears in your feed. However, you can actively remove or request more specific topics or sources. You can follow interests and topics you want to know more about, which will make your news feed more relevant.

Google allows you to customize the news or stories you prefer to see so that you can receive regular updates on the topics that interest you. After customizing Google News, you will rarely miss the highlights of your favorite sport or the announcement of the new season for your favorite series.

You can choose what you want to see, follow or unfollow specific topics and receive news in your language about any region. And also change the Google activity to be saved for news personalization.

How to change language and region on Google News

On the desktop

After opening Google News on your browser and logging into your account, you will notice a hamburger icon at the top left of the screen; this is the main menu.

Click the main menu and you will see many options on the screen. Scroll down and click Language and region to modify it according to your preferences.

On the phone

After opening the Google News mobile app and logging into your account, click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen. Then, after clicking News settings , you can change the language and areas of interest.

Now that you've set up your preferred language and the region you'd like to hear about, it's time to pursue your interests. This step is significant if you want to customize news for your likes and remove irrelevant news interests.

How to follow your interests on Google News

On the desktop

At the top of the screen, type your topic, place, event, or news post in the search box. Then, click the button Follow at the top right of the screen.

Another way to customize Google News to your preferences is to ask Google to show more of a particular type of news or not to show that news.

To tell Google to do this, go to the section For you in main menu , click on any news. You will see the buttons Save for later, share e Another one next to each other. Click More and then press I like it to see more similar news or Not me like it to stop such news in your feed.

On the phone

Search for a topic, place, event, or news publication in the search box of your Google News app and click the star at the top right of the screen to follow that topic.

Go to For you on the home page of your Google News app and click the button Other then, I like it to see more similar stories and Not me like it not to see such news again.

As we pointed out earlier, Google News relies on your web activity and browser history to suggest news to you. You will often be looking for irrelevant topics throughout the day, so you want to avoid seeing the news for all of this.

You can change this by asking Google not to save your Web & App Activity. If Google no longer saves your business, they won't be able to suggest stories based on this.

Google News is the best place to find news

Google has a clever algorithm that very often provides correct answers to your search queries. The search engine will show you the legitimate and accurate content for your search query at the top.

Google's algorithms improve every day to improve the user experience. But Google is not a newspaper and shares news from several sources. So, tailoring Google News to your interests is a great way to get more relevant news.

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