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It is possible to remove some products from our Google account at any time. This is the ability to disable services associated with the Google account, not the account itself. The latter possibility, in fact, is up to Google alone.

Deleting a Google service means giving up a specific service from the account, for example youtube or gmail.
Google disables full access when the owner has not complied with certain rules of the terms of service: including compromise of the Google account or hacking, abuse and exploitation of minors, creation of false identities to deceive users, etc.

When an account is deactivated the user cannot access Google services. Upon logging in, the user receives an error message and will no longer be able to use any services.

What we will discuss today is the hypothesis of deactivating some services, without deleting the Google account.

We will show you how to remove a Google account from a mobile device or computer and how to completely delete it if we no longer need it.

What it means to deactivate a Google account

Let's clarify the difference between deactivating and deleting an account:

  • we have seen that only Google can deactivate an account, when the owner does not respect the terms and rules of Google services,
  • when an account is deactivated, it is no longer possible to log in to it or to Google services (eg Gmail, Google Play, Google Drive and so on). Trying to log in with a deactivated account, you receive an error message and are redirected to it,
  •  a deactivated account remains in this state until Google proceeds to reactivate the account,
  • for the restore request, a. The request is processed within 2 working days),
  • a deleted Google account, unlike the deactivated (paused) one, is instead permanently deleted from the servers. An operation that, unlike deactivation, can be carried out by the user himself,
  • the data relating to a deleted account, including those of the various services connected to it (YouTube videos, Google Calendar appointments, images saved on Google Photos and more), are completely deleted and can no longer be recovered. unless a short time has passed since elimination.

How to disable services on Google account

After having authenticated with a specific Google account, you can take advantage of a wide range of services, which can be deleted individually directly from the profile management panel.
Before carrying out any operation in this sense it is advisable, however, to save a copy of these data, so as not to lose them permanently.

To do this:

  • connect with any browser, computer or mobile device, to our Google account,
  • if you still have to log in, press the Go to your Google Account button,
  • type the email address and password of the profile,
  • click on the Next button,
  • proceed by clicking on Download your data.

A list of all services linked to our account will be shown. Some of the data we download will be saved in HTML format, others in JSON format.

  • Make sure that the check mark is shown in the boxes next to the items of the services of our interest (eg YouTube, Chrome, Classroom etc),
  •  if not, report them by clicking on the boxes in question,
  • pressing the option under the Delivery method item you can choose how to receive the file containing the backup data,
  • the default option is Email the download link, but you can also choose to receive a link from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box,
  • by clicking on the option under the heading File type and size, you define whether to compress the file in a ZIP or TGZ archive and whether to divide the backup into multiple files of the size selected by us.

Done this:

  • press the Next step button,
  • click on the Create export button.

At this point the backup creation process will start, which could take hours or days, depending on the amount of data to be processed. However, you can close the browser. As soon as the file is ready we will receive an e-mail with the download link, or the file will be directly uploaded to the cloud storage system, selected in the previous step.

Once these operations have been completed, to delete the data of the individual services associated with your account:

  • connect to,
  • press on the item Delete a Google service,
  • click on the trash can icon next to the name of the service whose data you want to delete,
  • re-enter the password of our account,
  • press the Next button,
  • click on the item I would like to permanently delete my contents or on the Delete item with the name of the service,
  • tap on the box next to the item The following data will be permanently deleted,
  • from here press the Delete my content button twice in a row,
  • type the email address associated with the account,
  • in the case of a YouTube account, you can decide whether to temporarily suspend the account by clicking on the button I want to hide my channel.

If you want to delete the data from our Gmail account:

  • enter another valid email address to access Google services,
  • proceed to verify the new address by clicking on the link inserted in the email received from Google on the new email address entered.

How to deactivate a Google account from a mobile device

Now let's consider removing a Google account from the settings of a mobile device or computer.
You will be able to remove the account from the device, but it will not be permanently deleted and you will have the opportunity to access it from other devices or re-enter it on the same device at a later time.

How to delete a Google account from Android

First of all:

  • access the settings, the gear icon from the Home Screen, in the drawer or in the notification curtain,
  • go to Accounts & Synchronization, on some devices it may be called Accounts or Users and accounts,
  • press on the Google item or directly on the Google account name (e.g.),
  • select the account name,
  • press the More icon at the bottom or,
  • the symbol is placed next to the account name,
  • double click on Remove account.

In this case, all account data will be removed from our Android (e.g. events shown on Google Calendar and images on Google Photos).

To restore this data, you will have to re-associate the removed Google account with our device.

How to delete a Google account from iPhone

To remove a Google account from our iPhone or iPadOS):

  • tap the gear icon (the Settings app) from the Home screen or the App Library,
  • click on Mail or on Contacts.

To continue:

  • press on the word Gmail,
  • select the Delete account option,
  • from here click again on the item Delete account to confirm,
  • if we have more than one Google account, click on the one to remove from the Account section and repeat the steps above.

If an older version of iOS is installed on our device, the same operation can be done by going to Settings> Passwords and accounts> Gmail. And then repeat the above steps.

How to delete a Google account from PC

Now let's consider the case in which a Google account has been associated on our PC, installed with Windows 10, to synchronize contacts, e-mails and calendar events and we want to remove it.

In this way:

  • press the Windows Start button, located at the bottom left with the flag icon,
  • from here, click on the gear icon at the bottom left, above the shutdown icon,
  • in the window that opens, proceed by clicking on the Account item,
  • click on E-mail and accounts in the list on the left,
  • click on our account name (e.g.),
  • press the Manage button,
  • from Manage tap on Delete account from this device,
  • conclude by pressing the Delete item located at the bottom right.

To restore your account:

  • click on the Add account item at the top, in the E-mail and account menu item,
  • click on Google,
  • re-enter the credentials of the removed account.

How to delete a Google account from Mac

To remove a Google account stored on macOS:

  • open System Preferences, by clicking on the gear icon located on the Dock, at the bottom, or in the Launchpad,
  • in the new window click on Internet Account,
  • select the item relating to the Google account in the list on the left,
  • press the [-] button at the bottom left,
  • click on the OK button, to delete the account and all the data connected to it (calendar, email, contacts and notes) from the Mac.

To restore it and add the account again:

  • go back to Internet Accounts,
  • click on Google,
  • from the new window that opens, enter the credentials of the Google account we want to connect.

How to delete a Google account

Permanently deleting a Google account is almost always an operation from which there is no going back. Before deleting our account from Google's servers, it is therefore better to download a copy of the data relating to the services of the profile itself, according to what we have seen in the chapter "How to disable services on a Google account".

The account can be deleted directly from a browser, on a computer or mobile device, from.

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