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How to deactivate Spotify Premium

You have subscribed to a paid plan to be able to take advantage of the Spotify Premium service but now you don't want to have it anymore? You discover how to turn off Spotify Premium in this article.

How to close Spotify

Spotify is a music service that allows you to listen to a series of music tracks in streaming, of various singers and has a following of millions and millions of users who love this service, you have it too but, now you don't know how to close Spotify and do you want to know? Read this guide and in a few minutes you will have solved your problem.

First, you need to know that there are two ways to close Spotify and then you will have two possibilities:

  • Send a pre-printed form to Spotify that is easily found on the web
  • Follow some steps from your account which I will now show you

You will need to log into your account page, below YOUR PLAN, you will have to click Edit Plan, until you find SPOTIFY FREE, and click Cancel Premium, which would then be the paid version, continue until the confirmation message and the problem is solved.

Deactivate Spotify subscription from app

You have been a music fan and you have subscribed to the Spotify streaming service, after the first three months of free music but, now you are tired of paying for the service and you want deactivate Spotify subscription from app, why don't you have a PC? Read on and you will find out.

Spotify therefore, you can also safely disable it from the app, always going to your account and finding the word YOUR PLAN and cancel one of the three paid offers of the service which are:

  • Offer from 4,99 euros
  • Offer from 9,99 euros
  • Offer from 14,99 euros

From your plan, therefore, you can choose to switch to free mode and no longer pay anything, instead with the form to be sent directly to Spotify, you can permanently close the service, and you can also delete the app downloaded previously.

Delete Spotify account

Delete Spotify account it is simple and quick to implement, just be sure to do it and give up listening to good music everywhere, and even on your smartphone but, despite this beautiful service, you are convinced of delete it permanently, and you are not sure how to do it, then I will explain it to you through this interesting reading.

The safest method and free of various quibbles is to download from the official Spotify website, following this guide: click on Assistance, Account Help, Account Closure, Contact Us here, or download the form if you are in FREE mode.

As you have noticed, the procedure is very simple to start and will not be long since permanent closure of your account, previously created on Spotify, because it always remains a professional and attentive service to its customers.

How To Disable Spotify Premium: Steps

How to deactivate Spotify Premium?
First start the application on your PC and click on the arrow located next to your name (located at the top right) and select the item Account give the menu to compare.

Once logged into your account, select the item Subscription from the left sidebar and click on the item Do you want to cancel your subscription? positioned in the center of the page.

Arrived here, you will have to indicate the reason why you intend to deactivate Spotify Premium by placing the check mark next to the appropriate option and first click on Continue and then on Cancel my subscription to confirm the deactivation of your subscription.

If prompted, enter the password for your Spotify account in the appropriate text field and then click on the button Cancel your Spotify Premium subscription but I will complete the operation.

A page will tell you the date from which you will return to the free ad-based service. If you want to avoid any charges you can then deactivate Spotify Premium in advance and continue to use the service offered until the expiry date of the latter.

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