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You are looking for a guide who will explain you how to delete a Facebook page? Very well, you found it! In this tutorial we will go to show you the procedure to be carried out to delete the page that no longer interests you. This is nothing extremely complex or long: in a few simple steps you will have succeeded in your intent. Are you ready? Perfect, let's go!

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How to Delete a Facebook Page

In the past, did you put a Facebook page online that you no longer use and want to get rid of it? No problem, we can help you: we will explain to you in the next paragraphs how to delete a Facebook page whether you are using a pc or a smartphone. In this way you will be able to count on a complete and exhaustive picture of the topic and you will no longer have any doubts about what to do.

Take five minutes of free time and make yourself comfortable: with our instructions you can reach your goal with just a few clicks or by pressing a few buttons on your smartphone. Sounds good, right? Enjoy the reading!

Procedure to PC

First go to the Facebook home page: if you are already logged in you will be redirected there automatically, otherwise you will have to enter your username and password. Once you have entered the main page of the social network, look at the "Quick Links": here you can see all the pages you have created / of which you are an administrator.

Click on the one you are interested in canceling: you will be immediately sent back to the board of the selected page. At the top right click on the item "Settings": now you will see a whole series of items and parameters that you have previously set. But you are interested in the penultimate section "Removing the page" with the words "Delete your page".

Clicking on it you will see the following message: “If you delete your Page, no one will be able to see or find it. After clicking Delete, you will have 14 days to restore it if you change your mind. After this period, you will be prompted to confirm whether to permanently delete it. If, on the other hand, you choose to hide the Page, only administrators will be able to see it “. To confirm your intentions click on “Delete [page name].

Procedure to smartphone

The operations to be performed on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) are very similar, but with the necessary differences. Take your device and press the Facebook icon on the home of your display. At this point, once you have entered the main page of the social network, press the icon with the three horizontal bars. The second item that you will see in the menu that opens is "My [number] pages". Press on it: you will be redirected to a screen with the list of pages you have created or of which you are an administrator.

Press on the one you are interested in canceling: you will be redirected immediately to the notice board of the page in question. Now press the icon with the three dots at the top right and then on "Edit page" from the menu that opens (it is the first item you see, if you have the English version you should see "Edit Page"). Now scroll through the various items and press on "Settings" or "Settings".

Once this is done, go to "General" (item with the gear wheel icon) and scroll through the menu that opens in the new screen until you see "Remove the page". The wording with which Facebook explains the various times is the same as the one you find using your PC, but here the social network asks you the fateful question "Do you want to delete [page name]?". To confirm, click on the question and give a further confirmation. You did! It wasn't difficult, was it?

How to Delete a Facebook Page: Conclusions

You should now have a comprehensive and complete picture on how to delete a Facebook page. Before leaving, however, we invite you to think carefully about this choice. Once you have established that you still have two weeks to reconsider, consider very carefully if you really want to delete a page. Even if I had left it inactive for some time, a Facebook page with a certain fanbase certainly has value, both from a symbolic and an economic point of view.

So before deleting it completely think about it! We just have to say goodbye, not before giving you some reading tips related to the Facebook theme. Until next time!

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