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In our guide we will find out how to delete a YouTube channel in a few simple steps.
It is an operation that is not too difficult and that, with a little calm, you can then pass on to others.

Did you open a YouTube channel a few years ago but want to delete it to open a brand new one?
Do you need to delete all content to start a new project but don't know how to do it?
Quiet we are here!

YouTube is a video sharing platform born in 2005 and today it is the largest virtual space in the world.
We had previously seen how to contact YouTube, now we will take care of understanding how to close a YouTube channel.

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How to delete a YouTube account

We start from a fundamental premise.
Before deleting an Account you must remember the password you have chosen to create your account.
As you know, YouTube is linked to yours Google account and if you want to enter directly on the video sharing platform you will be asked to access through Google.

If you don't know what your password was, go to the account page and click on Don't remember your email address and complete the steps necessary to recover your data.
Once logged in, you are ready to delete your account.

Data BackUp

Do you need to delete YouTube account but also to save the old data on your account? No problem! In fact, it is possible to backup your data and save your contents.
There are different methods based on the platform on which we will perform the operation.
Here they are all.

With Pc

Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Explorer) and connect to the page Download your data of the Google Takeout site (you will need to log into your Google account ... that's why the operation I explained above is important).
The site allows you to save all data from Google services but you are only interested in YT.

You find it at the bottom, select YouTube (unchecking everything at the beginning if you see that the other services are active). Now click on Next, choose the type of storage file (between zip or tgz), set the maximum size (between 1, 2, 4, 10 or 50 GB) and choose where to send the content (Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box).
Time click on Create archive and wait.
An email will be sent to you with the information for recovering the content and you will have all your data.

Da Smartphone/Tablet Android

Access the Settings of your Android Smartphone / Tablet and click on the item Google - Google Account - Data and personalization.
Now scroll down the page until you find the writing Download your data (you can find it in the Download part or delete your data).

Also here are all the Google services. Uncheck all data and then go to click on YT only.
Click on Next, choose the type of storage file, set the maximum size and the place to send the content. Click on Create Archive and wait.
You will be sent an email with the data to retrieve all your content.

From iPhone and iPad

First you will need to download theGoogle app from the App Store and log into your account.
Once installed click on the top right (you need to see your avatar) and then on Manage Google account.
Press on Personal data and privacy, scroll down to Download your data (in the Control your content section).

You will be redirected to the Google Takeout page and you will have to do the operations we have seen above.
Select YT, choose the download settings and click on Create Archive.
Wait and you will have all the info in your email.

How to delete YouTube account from PC

Now that you have backed up your data and re-gained access to your Google data you can proceed to the steps to understand how to delete YouTube account from PC. Let's see what are the steps to do it from PC.

Open your favorite browser and linked to the page YouTube advanced settings (you will be asked to access your Google account if you are not already logged in)
Go to the Delete Channel section and click on pulse Delete Channel. As mentioned earlier, deleting your YouTube channel does not prevent you from creating a new one.

There is also another way to delete your account.
Log in to the platform Delete a Google service (you will need to log in to your Google account here too).
You will find yourself in front of a screen with the various Google services.

Click on the trash can next to YouTube to permanently delete your account.
You will be asked to repeat your password and, if you confirm the operation by clicking on Delete my content, your channel will be officially closed (you will be asked before entering the channel name).

How to delete YouTube account from Iphone / Ipad

Let's now turn to the Apple platform.
If you want to understand how to delete Youtube account from Iphone or Ipad you just have to follow these simple steps.

Download the Google app from the Apple Store.
Open the app and access the settings (click at the top right on your account profile photo).
Now go on Manage Google Account - Account Preferences - Delete Google Services. You will be faced with a whole host of Google services.

You will most likely be asked to log into your account again, do so and enter your password (if you don't remember it, go to the first section of our article).
Now click on the trash can next to YouTube and confirm the operation by clicking on Delete my content.
Perfect, you have deleted your YouTube account.

How to Delete YouTube Account from Android

We conclude our guide article with the steps to delete YouTube account from Android. You won't find many differences with the above steps but it's good to take a look at it.

Go to the settings of your Android device. Click on Google Settings - Google Account - Data and Personalization.
Now scroll until you see the section Delete a Service or your Account (click on the first).
As before you will see all Google services.

You will be asked to log into your account. Then enter your email and password.
Now click on the trash can next to YouTube and confirm the operation by clicking on Delete my content and then on Ok.
If the operation is successful you will no longer see your YouTube account on the network.

How to delete a YouTube account. Conclusions

As we have seen in our guide on how to close a YouTube account you need patience but the operation is not too difficult.
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