How to delete browsing history and clear cache in Edge

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As of now, we're assuming you would have switched to Edge and found it to be comfortable enough, faster and more elegant than Chrome and other browsers. As a new Edge user, you may not be familiar with some Edge features and settings. Edge is also slightly different from Internet Explorer and features a newer way than other browsers to explore and edit your browsing history.

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In this section, we need to help you delete your browsing history or make changes to it. In other browsers, it was easier to open and change your browsing history or privacy settings by pressing the hotkeys ctrl + shift + delete. But with Microsoft Edge, you can access the settings simply by following these steps

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Directly delete your browsing history without seeing it

In the upper right corner, you will find the More Actions (…) button, click on it.
Click on settings.

Scroll down to find Clear Browsing Data below, where you'll find the “Choose what to clear” button. Click on that.

Now a list of items will open. Here you can choose what to delete.

How to view and clear browsing history in Microsoft Edge

PHASE I : - Click the HUB button with three horizontal lines on the toolbar in the upper right corner. Click on it and then proceed to select the file History button card (third from right).

PHASE II -: will open the list of your web pages viewed in the past in terms of last minute, last day and last week. Here you can find any page you are looking for. Just click on the specific time range of Today, Yesterday, etc.
PHASE III -: If you want to delete specific web pages, you can do it by clicking on the cross button. It will delete that history directly. You can also right-click the web page you want to remove and click the Remove option.

If you also have other links from the same website and want to remove them, you don't need to find them again and again, right click and select “Remove all sites for“.

PHASE IV -: If you are not interested in anyone and want to delete the entire batch, you can continue by clicking on the “Delete all history” link.

FASE V -: Other options will open asking you how to delete your browsing history, cookies and website data saved, cached data and files, download history, etc. You can choose what to remove. You can select anything you want to delete and hit the Delete button.

Browsing history indicates that your web pages were opened in the browser during the week.
The cookies and data saved by the website include your preference settings which would be used to enter your information somewhere or detect your location, etc.
Cached files and data stores media files on your PC so that when you open the web page next time, it loads faster.
Download history stores a list of files downloaded from the network. By deleting this, your files are not deleted, just the list.
Form data, passwords, multimedia licenses, etc. It is the personal information that you have entered on various websites and saved here.

Microsoft Edge is being updated and may introduce an extension for this in the future for ease. A future update could be the sorting of web pages by site name or by the most frequent visits / uses, like what is in Internet Explorer. Stay tuned…..

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