How to delete execution command history in Windows 10

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How to delete execution command history in Windows 10: - Nobody likes to live in the past. That's why we delete our search history or browse from time to time. Can you think of a place where you are not allowed to directly delete history entries? Well, don't think too much. I can give you a quick example; the Run command window. You have no settings available on Windows 10 to clear your Running history with a single click. Every command you have entered into your Run window is safe and secure. Do not trust me? Press WIN + R keys together; this opens you Run command window. Now click the down arrow to open a drop-down list. And there it is, all the commands you've entered so far in your Running command window, all stacked beautifully right in front of your eyes.

So is there any way to overcome this? You are in the right place. With a couple of tweaks to the registry editors, you can easily achieve your goal. As we will be changing the registry editors a bit, it is highly recommended that you create a system restore point. Read on to learn how to hack this simple trick.


  • First, launch the Registry Editor window. For this, press WIN + R keys together to open the Run command window. Now Write regedit to the archived text. Once done, press Pay in key or Okay button.



  • Once you find the Run MRU key, click on it. In the right window pane, you will now be able to see a list of items. This is your entire Running story. To clean up your Running history entries, you need to delete all these values. For this, select all the items, save the preset insert at the top and press Get rid of as shown in the screenshot.


  • That is. You are ready. Now if you open your Running command window by pressing WIN + R keys together and check your Running History by clicking on the down arrow, you will see that the history has been cleared successfully.

In such a simple way you can clear your Running history. It's as easy as eating a piece of cake, right? Come back and visit us for more interesting tips and tricks, because there is always something new waiting for you. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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