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You are looking for a guide that will explain you in detail how to delete photos from facebook? Very well, here we are! In this tutorial we are going to show you the whole procedure to do this. Take five minutes of your free time and read the next lines carefully: afterwards you will have a complete and exhaustive picture on the subject. Are you ready? Great, let's go!

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How to delete photos from Facebook

Have you decided to do some social "cleaning" and need to know what to do to delete some photos from your Facebook account? First of all you must know that it is a very simple operation: just follow some easy steps and you will be successful in your intent. You can perform this procedure whether you are using the smartphone or the PC, only there are small differences between the two devices in terms of steps.

But no delay: let's go and see how to delete photos from facebook analyzing in detail all the steps on pc and smartphone. Enjoy the reading!

Procedure to PC

First of all, first open the Faceook home page: if you are already authenticated you will be redirected there automatically, otherwise you will have to enter your username and password. Go to your profile and in the menu bar click on "Photos". At this point it is necessary to make a necessary clarification: you can literally delete only the images that you have shared directly. For those where you have been tagged, you can only remove the tag. In fact, the latter will no longer appear on your profile and albums, but will remain on the profile or page that shared them.

That said, once you've clicked on "Photos", click on the image you intend to delete. Now go to "Options" (you can find this item at the bottom of the photo): a window will open with various items. If you see the one called "Delete this photo"Click on it: confirm your intentions by clicking on" Delete "and that's it, you have deleted the image in question.

If you don't see that entry, it's because you haven't shared that photo: they've tagged you, so you can't delete it, you only have the option to remove the tag. To do this, always go to "Options" and from the window that opens click on "Remove tag". To confirm, click on “Ok”: perfect, you are staggered from the photo, which will no longer appear on your profile but will still remain on that of the person / page who tagged you.

Procedure to smartphone

If you are using a smartphone, the procedure is actually very similar, but with some differences. Again, go to your profile, then scroll with your finger until you find the section dedicated to photos. Once identified, presses on "Photo": at the top you will find a navigation menu. Press the icon with the three vertical dots: depending on the type of photo in question you will find the words "Delete photo" or "Remove tag".

In the first case, once you have pressed “Delete Photo” you will be asked for confirmation with the question “Do you want to delete this photo?”. Click on "Delete" to confirm your choice. In the second case, after pressing on "Remove tag" click on "Confirm" to remove it: the photo will no longer be displayed in your diary, but will be visible in the images of those who have tagged you and in general on Facebook.

How to delete a photo album on Facebook

If, on the other hand, your intent is to delete an entire photo album and you are operating from a PC, all you have to do is go to your photos, click on the collection in question and then click on the gear wheel icon. A small window will open with three options: obviously you are interested in the one called “Delete album”. Confirm and that's it!

Are you trying to perform the same operation but from a mobile device? Always go to your photos, select the photo album you want to delete and then at the top right click on the icon with the three horizontal dots. At this point, click on "Delete" and confirm. Easy, right?

How to delete photos from Facebook: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to delete photos from facebook. We recommend one thing: once you have made this choice, there is no going back! So think carefully before deleting a photo or content on Facebook. We just have to wish you good luck for everything, see you next time!

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