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You are looking for a guide who will explain you how to delete Snapchat account? Great, you found it! In this tutorial we are going to explain in detail the procedure to succeed in your intent.

These are not long or complex operations: in a few simple steps you will have reached your goal and you will have deactivated the Snapchat account. But no delay: in the next few lines you can have a practical article to consult. Perfect, let's go!

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How to delete Snapchat account

Did you make the decision to cancel Snapchat because you realized it's not the messaging app for you? Very well, you are in the right place! In fact, in this guide we will go to the discovery of the entire procedure to be performed to delete your profile. As we told you, these are very simple operations. All you have to do is enter your account login credentials, confirm your password and press a button.

However, it is good to specify it, once this process has started you will not be able to back down. After deleting the account, you will only be able to retrace your steps within a month: after that, personal info, chats and app preferences will be lost forever. So let's go and find out how to delete Snapchat account: it takes less than a minute, happy reading!

Procedure via smartphone

First method we see: cancellation via smartphone. Starting the app, swipe from top to bottom and press the gear icon located at the top right. A screen will open where you will have to select the "Assistance" item: in this way you will open the Snapchat help center, from which you will have to type the term "delete" in the search bar and select the "Delete an account".

Now, to finish, type your password and press “Continue”: your Snapchat account will be deactivated. Within 30 days you can eventually reactivate your chat, data and your snaps by logging in again.

In any case, to delete the app on Android you have to access the screen with the icons of all the apps installed on the smartphone and keep your finger pressed on the Snapchat icon and then drag it to the item "Uninstall" (top left). If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone, just hold your finger on the Snapchat icon and press the "x" that appears at the top left after a couple of seconds.

Procedure via PC

Now let's see the procedure to use if you use Snapchat via PC. Connect to this web page and log into your account by typing your username and password in the appropriate text fields. Put the check mark next to the item "I am not a robot" and click on the "Login" button, this will open a screen where you will have to type your password again and press the "Continue" button. The account will be deleted instantly.

If you are trying to understand how to delete Snapchat account and you failed via the link we provided, go to the app's official support page and type the term "delete" in the search bar. Now select the “Delete an account” item and then you will be redirected to the account removal page. At this point, access your profile, confirm the password and click on "Continue".

Finally, open Snapchat on your smartphone and verify that the account has actually been deleted. If everything went well, you will be able to see that an automatic logout has been made from your personal profile.

How to delete sent snaps

We live in a social world and "post" our daily moments on many social networks on the web and everyone prefers a different one, today we want to talk about Snapchat which is a multimedia application, created in 2011 and which has caught on especially among the youngest.

Texting has therefore become a habit which you cannot give up but, sometimes you regret having sent one and you do not know the way to go back, because you do not know the system of how to delete sent snaps, what to do? Soon said, keep reading this detailed guide to discover quickly and easily, to discover and delete snaps sent by mistake.

Sometimes we were deprived of sending a message or a chat to avoid making mistakes and not being able to correct a possible error, today finally the technicians of snap chat, have devised a simple system to overcome this inconvenience.

To delete then, one snap sent in error or in any case not wanted, you simply have to make a long tap on the snap and choose the Delete option.

This system can be safely adopted, however delete snaps, chats, stickers, voice notes, photos and videos and it can be implemented both on chats with single users and in chats with group users. a very nice novelty to practice to avoid problems of which before, you could not find solutions.

It must be clarified that video and photograph before being sent and having the possibility to delete them, with this new function, they must be saved on Memories and not sent as direct snaps.

How to recover deleted snapchat account

It's been a while since usi i social to communicate with other people and especially, you like to use snapchat, to send snaps and more but, at some point for various reasons, you decide to cancel your account quickly and quickly.

But if you think about it and you don't know how to recover deleted snapchat account, no need to panic but, concentrate on reading this guide well which will help you find the best solution to restore your account.

In any case, to recover the deleted account you will have to Log back into the snapchat app and enter your username and password within 30 days of cancellation, e within about 24 hours the snapchat account is restored. Quick and easy!

Snapchat support

You like to use social media, use daily snap chat and you can't do without it but, if you need assistance for problems, who will you have to contact to solve everything quickly? Snapchat, like all social networks, has a support section for users who use it and can have it through the web by typing:

Typing the url of the snapchat support, you will have a number of sections for ask for help" in case of necessity:

  • Contact Us section
  • Section Using snapchat
  • My account and my security section
  • Security Section
  • Privacy Section
  • Troubleshooting section
  • News section

A series of very useful services to consult to find all the answers you are looking for, in an instant and simple way. The snapchat assistance, thanks to functional user support, it is able to satisfy any problem and solve it.

The section most clicked by everyone is certainly the one related to troubleshooting, who deals with any defections you encounter, using snapchat. Infine, the new News section, will guide you to new tips to enhance your snapchat experience. Hoping this guide has been of great help to you, I wish you a good continuation of reading on our site.

How to delete Snapchat account: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to delete Snapchat account. Finally, we remind you that you have the possibility to reactivate your account no later than 30 days. We just have to wish you good luck for everything, see you next time!

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