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Are you a Facebook lover but don't like that everyone can write under your posts?
Want to post without the anxiety of an unwanted comment?
No problem, we will give you the solution in our guide.
Let's find out together how to disable Facebook comments in this article and other little tricks to live more peacefully and improve your relationship with the social number 1 in the world.

If you are wondering if this is a complicated or long operation we tell you right away that it is not.
The steps to disable comments are simple and intuitive and thanks to our guide they will seem even easier to perform.
Well, are you ready to go? Great, then let's go!

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How to disable Facebook Comments

We have decided to divide our article into small chapters, to help you better understand how to do this.
Comments on Facebook can in fact be deleted in different forms and with different steps.
Don't worry, as we said in the preface it's all very simple.
We will explain to you now how to disable comments on Facebook from Groups, Pages and from your Personal Profile.
You just have to continue reading.

How to disable comments on public posts on Facebook profiles

The first element from which we start is the deactivation of comments on Facebook profiles.
Removing comments, as you will do from pages and groups, is not possible but it is useful to know how to interact to block some “dangerous” elements from your profile.
Few people know that if certain conditions are not set, our profile is accessible to anyone, a situation that is not exactly safe.

As we told you our Facebook profile is not safe until we set certain conditions.
To do this we must go to the comments settings page on Facebook.
Here we can set filters dedicated to the protection of our accounts.

The first is dedicated to people who can follow us, if we set everyone up, even those who are not among our friends will be able to see and comment on our posts.
Se let's set Friends, only our contacts will be able to interact with us.
Our advice is to always set this option with Friends.

Now go to the second part of the page where you will see Comments on Public Posts.
Here you can customize your choice with the settings above and by adding the friends category of friends.
In this case, even those who are among your friends' friends will be able to comment and see your posts.
Here, too, our advice is to set Friends.

Disable Comments on New Posts on Facebook

If what we have explained to you applies to all posts and it is always good to do so, to understand how to disable comments on facebook it is good to know how to do it for new posts.
When we go to create a new Post we can first decide if this will be a message on our wall or a Story.
If we decide for the former here are the steps on how to disable comments on new posts on Facebook.

1) Create a new post
2) Select News section (usually already selected)
3) Click on the right side where you will see Everyone or Friends (if you followed our comments settings steps)
4) Select who will be able to see the Post and then interact with it
Then choose among Friends, Friends except (you can decide to delete the post to some friends), Specific Friends (only to the friends you select), Only me, Custom and Friends List.

How to disable Comments on a Facebook Page

Let's now move on to the Facebook pages.
If we want to find out how to remove comments from a page we have to vary our vision slightly.
Here are all the necessary steps:

1) Enter your Facebook
2) Log in to yours Facebook page
3) Enter the Settings
4) Go to the Section Vulgarity filter and set more Restrictive (if you want unwanted comments not to appear)

There is also another way to delete comments at the root.
Here are the steps to moderate comments on a Facebook page.

1) Enter your Facebook
2) Log in to yours Facebook page
3) Enter the Settings
4) Go to the Section Page Moderation
5) Add the Unwanted words (in this way posts and comments with these words will not be published) o Insert one word list with a .CSV file

How to disable Comments on a Facebook Group

We conclude our guide article with facebook groups.
In this case, a premise is necessary.
Deleting and moderating comments is only possible if the group is under your management, i.e. if you are a moderator or administrator of the group.
Are the steps difficult? Absolutely no.
Here they are all.

1) Enter your Facebook
2) Log in to yours Facebook Group
3) Choose the Post you want to block comments from
4) Click in the options (top right) and Select Disable Comments for this Post

If, on the other hand, we want to solve the root problem we can decide to moderate the group thanks to the settings allowed by Facebook.
How? Here are the necessary steps:

1) Enter your Facebook
2) Log in to yours Facebook Group
3) Go to Edit Group Settings (at the top next to share .. press the 3 dots if you don't see it)
4) Scroll to find Post Approval
5) Set All posts in the group must be approved by an admin or moderator (this can also be done for Stories)

Do you need a hand or want to suggest other methods to disable comments on Facebook. Write us or send a comment!

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