How to disable Windows 11 animations to improve performance

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The effects of Windows 11 are really flashy, but they can slow down older PCs. Here's how to disable Windows 11 animations.

Windows 11 animation effects make the user interface smoother. However, enabling animations on a slower machine can cause a feeling of sluggishness where apps take some time to open or close.

Windows 11's animation effects help improve the user experience and represent a welcome change overall. However, at times, it can make your system sluggish. Follow one of the methods in the article to turn off animation effects and see if that helps restore performance.

If you prefer performance over aesthetics, it's easy to turn off animation effects in Windows 11. Here's how.

How to disable Windows 11 animation effects via settings

You can customize the visual effects in Windows 11 through the Settings app. To turn off animation effects, do the following:

  • Awards Win + I to open the panel Settings .
  • In the left pane, click the tab Accessibilità .
  • Click on the option Visual effects in the right pane.
  • Toggle the switch for on or off Effects di animation , setting it to off.

The screen may flash and remain frozen for a couple of seconds as Windows 11 disables the animation effects for the control elements.

Now, when you open an app, it should feel faster than ever. That said, if you turn off animations, it will likely disable smooth motion in other Microsoft apps as well, like Office.

If you don't like turning off animations, you can always go back and undo your changes. To enable animation effects again, go to Settings> Accessibility> Visual Effects and turn on the switch so that it is On .

How to disable Windows 11 animation effects via control panel

The classic Control Panel allows you to make changes to the accessibility settings. To disable animation effects using the Control Panel, do the following:

  • Awards Win + R to open Run.
  • To type control and do click su OK to open the Control Panel.
  • Then, click Easy access and then on Ease of Access Center.
  • click on Make the computer easier to see in the section Explore all settings .
  • Scroll down to the section Make things on screen easier to see .
  • Select the option Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible) .
  • click on Apply to save the changes and the screen may freeze for a few seconds. When it resumes, do click su OK to complete the process.

Disabling animations via the Control Panel has a similar effect to turning off via the Settings app. Again, if you change your mind, open the Control Panel, uncheck the option Turn off all unnecessary animations in the Accessibility section and click Apply to cancel the changes.

How to disable Windows 11 animation effects via Performance Options

The Performance Options dialog box in Windows 11 allows you to change the visual effects elements for your computer. However, unlike the previous options, this one gives you more control over different system control elements.

To disable animation effects using the Performance Options:

  • Awards Win + WILL to open the bar search .
  • To type Adjust appearance and then click Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.
  • In the card Visual effects , select the option Customize .
  • Then, uncheck - Animation controls and elements within windows, Animates windows when minimizing and magnification e Animation in the options of the taskbar .
  • click on Apply e OK per salvare I modified it.

To restore the visual effects, open Performance Options and select Let Windows choose what's best for my computer. Then click Apply e OK to save the changes. This should restore the animation effects with the Windows operating system automatically optimizing the effects for performance and appearance.

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