How to do Live TikTok without having 1000 followers

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Let's find out together come fare live TikTok, even without having 1000 followers, in a dedicated guide. Make a Live Stream on the Social of the moment in a few minutes and make your profile more interesting thanks to our article!

We will see together how to make one live on TikTok through the steps required to complete the task, which must be performed precisely. Everyone believes it is only possible with a certain number of followers but that's not quite the case. Let's not waste any more time and see immediately how to carry out the operation.

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How to do direct TikTok

If you are trying to understand how to do live TikTok you can only start from the basics. The video showing your actions in real time it is in fact a very widespread and extremely effective tool because it makes your “character” real and brings it closer to the public. Furthermore allows the TikToker to interact with who is watching the live and make sure that the engagement with the viewers is maximum (you can also see how to find out who is watching your videos).

There are gods to create a live video requirements fundamental, the first is obviously be registered to the TikTok portal, the second is have a number of followers pre-set by the system (1000 people following you). In reality it is possible to perform a live even with less followers but let's proceed step by step and see the classic operation.

If you have the requirements we have described above, the steps are really simple and it will take a few minutes to create a live broadcast. We summarize them in a small outline to understand come fare live TikTok:

  • Log in to the TikTok app
  • Go to the Homepage and click on +
  • You will see two options. Photos and Live. Click on Live
  • Click on Go Live
  • You are now live. To stop recording, click on the red stop button

As you can see, the steps are very simple and the operations to be done are few. After entering the app from your smartphone you have to go to Home, look for the + that refers to the photos and videos and click on Live. At this point you can indulge yourself and create your own live on TikTok and start the climb to become the king of Social.

How to get to 1000 Followers on TikTok

We saw earlier that the basic requirement to perform a live on TikTok is to have 1000 follower who follow you and can interact with you. They seem few but it is not the case and getting to 1000 people interested in your content is not easy.

There are several means to achieve your goal but, as always, pay theoriginality of the content. A profile similar to that of all the others is unlikely to make "news" and get lost in the pile. A roundup of particular images, on the other hand, could attract the attention of the public and end up in for you (read our guide to understand how to get into TikTok trends) in an easier way.

Initially, however, it is good to create one public niche among your acquaintances, friends, relatives and people you have met in your life and that it is easy to convince to put a follow on the social network without too much difficulty. It is a first step, but it is always good to start from here.

If you have a budget for your influencer career, another option is to sponsor your content. This way you can connect with many more people and attract followers interactively. You can also select their interests and search for your audience based on specific keywords.

Another piece of advice we can give you is to choose popular discussion topics, which is on everyone's lips and which can create "controversy". This will make your live stream animated, followed and commented on and it will be good from the point of view of the portal algorithm.

The last important aspect to consider is that related to publication frequency and time. Try to post in a structured way (once a day or live every 2 days) at a predefined time that can be more engaging for your audience (meal times or evenings).

Summarizing it all in a nutshell these are some methods to understand how to do live on TikTok e reach 1000 followers:

  • Create original content
  • Start making followers among those you know
  • Sponsor the most valuable content
  • Choose popular topics
  • Timetable and publication frequency

How to make Live TikTok from PC

If you have always thought that a live broadcast on TikTok was only possible from a smartphone or tablet, you were wrong. Even through your Notebook it is possible to create content and enter the life of the people who follow you in a few steps. Let's find out together come fare live TikTok da PC!

To make a live video you will need some important and basic elements. The PC obviously, a specific program and a webcam. The most famous among the programs for doing live is called OBS Streamlabs and it is an excellent element to use the computer instead of the classic App.

Here are all the steps to make a direct tiktok from pc:

  • Go to the Streamlabs official website
  • Download the application (top right)
  • Open from your smartphone TikTok
  • Click on + and then on Live
  • Click on GoLive
  • Copy the URL address and Stream Key
  • Accedi a Streamlabs da PC
  • Click on Stream (in the left menu)
  • Click on Stream type - Custom Streaming Server
  • Enter the URL and Stream Key in the spaces provided

As you can see there are several steps to take but the operation is not difficult at all. Taken the hand you can make your direct on the PC in the blink of an eye!

How to do Live TikTok without having 1000 followers

If you haven't reached 1000 followers yet, don't worry. If you follow our advice and you have a little luck you will soon reach this milestone and one day become an important or at least “monetized” influencer (find out When TikTok starts paying you).

There is also a little trick to understand how to do live tiktok even if you don't have 1000 followers and it is a system that provides for the request for assistance to the portal. First of all log in to the app and go to settings (top right where you see the 3 dots). Now click on report a problem, Then direct and payments ed infine your I can't do a direct.

At this point click No (when he asks if you have solved the problem after the suggestions) and tell with a feedback (write it in English) that you are having trouble creating a live on TikTok via a message. Click now on Report and wait for the response of the assistance (max time 48 hours) that will unlock the function.

To summarize the operation in a simple way follow this small scheme:

  • Log in to the TikTok app
  • Go to Settings (top right)
  • Click Report a Problem
  • Click on Direct and Payments
  • Click on I can't make a live
  • Click your NO
  • Write your problem in English
  • Click on Report
  • Wait 48 hours

Why can't I do Live on TikTok

If after all the steps we have shown you are still unable to make a live, there may be another problem. Let us try in this chapter to answer your question about why can't I do Live on TikTok with plausible options.

The first concerns the number of followers. Self you don't have 1000 followers and you have not done the problem reporting procedure you will not be allowed to proceed to direct. The second is related to user profile which may be restricted following a report of violation. The third is instead inherent to the service that could have gone Down (find out how to restart it in the guide on How to download TikTok on PC).

How to make Live TikTok. Conclusions

With our article we tried to help you find out how to do live tiktok in a simple way, even without having the requirements of 1000 followers and also using the PC. If you still have other doubts you can contact us or search our portal for other guides dedicated to the Social of the moment. Here is, for example, a guide that might interest you: How to Save TikTok Videos

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