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How to take surveys on Facebook

We offer you a simplified guide to help you orient yourself. Why know how to do surveys on Facebook it's a simple operation: just follow the few simple steps that we will show you in the course of this article.

How to take surveys on Facebook

To carry out surveys on Facebook, both on a PC and on a Smartphone or Tablet, first of all keep in mind that you can customize your survey as you prefer and - moreover - delete it at any time.

First you have to act within a Facebook group, so as to address a specific reference niche to ask your question.

In the box "Write something" you will also find the item "Create survey. Immediately after you should also find the item "Ask for something".

Process your question and then click on "Add response options“: At this point you can decide whether to allow those taking part in the survey to 1) choose more response options 2) add additional response options themselves.

You will be able to monitor the results of the survey live: you will see the icon-image of the profile of your friends who have already responded to the survey appear (obviously pigeonholed next to the chosen option).

Surveys are a functional and interesting way to take collective decisions, to know the tastes of others or even just for simple fun-curiosity.
At this point you just have to indulge yourself with the questions to ask your friends and / or colleagues.

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