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How to do surveys on Telegram

Do you often use Telegram to talk to your friends and want to know how polls are created? No problem, continue reading this article and find out how to do surveys on Telegram without problems.

How to do surveys on Telegram: Steps

How to do surveys on Telegram?

First of all it is important to identify a bot that allows you to succeed in your intent.
We suggest you use VoteBot. It is a bot that allows you to create simple surveys and consult their statistics, accessible via the username @vote.

To create a poll with VoteBot, press the button starts positioned at the bottom of the bot chat and proceed by following the directions.

Select the survey you want to create: whether to create a public (Public) or anonymous (Anonymous) survey. Then enter the survey question in the field write a message and presses the paper airplane icon.

Then enter the first survey response in the Write a message field, then click on the paper airplane icon and repeat the operation for all the responses you want to see in your survey. After entering two answers, type the command / done and you will have created the survey.

Then click on Publish polo and select the chat of your interest and press the name of the survey to share it in the chosen chat.

Would you like to manage the survey now and view its statistics? Well, then log into VoteBot's chat and choose one of the available options:
- Update result to update the results and see the votes of other users
- Vote to add a grade;
- Fermer to close the survey
- Delete to delete it.

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