How to download Microsoft Outlook emails

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Email services tend to offer nearly unlimited storage space. Your emails can stay online, in your inbox or archived, for years. The emails themselves are small unless they have attached files. Email services normally limit the size of an attachment, so in general, emails are small and easy to store in the long run.

While the emails remain online in an easy-to-retrieve format, you can also download them as a. An email message, once downloaded, contains the original message and attached files, and includes information about the sender, recipient, origins of the email, and more.

Download Microsoft Outlook emails

Microsoft Outlook is both a web-based email service and a desktop app. The desktop app can connect to any email service and retrieve messages from it. Both the web service and the desktop app allow users to download received emails.

Download emails from Outlook web

To download emails from Outlook web, you need to attach a message to a new email and send it to yourself. You will then be able to download the attached file.

  • apri  .
  • Look for the message you want to download (make sure it's visible in the Inbox column).
  • click on New message.
  • Click and drag the message from the Inbox column e drop it on the new message.
  • Add a recipient and an object e invialo.
  • Assuming you have sent the message to yourself, you will be able to download it as an EML file like any other attachment.

Download Microsoft Outlook emails - desktop

Downloading an email from the Microsoft Outlook desktop app is much easier than the web app, but the message is saved in the MSG format and must be converted to the universal EML format that all mail clients can open.

  • apri Outlook sul desktop.
  • Double-click the message that you want to download.
  • The message yes will open in a new window.
  • In the new window, go to File> Save As.
  • Save the message in MSG format.
  • Visit the 
  • Upload the MSG file and click on download button.
  • Save the EML file.
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