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Let's find out together How to Download Youtube Videos with Subtitles in a guide that will show you all the steps to do it in full autonomy. To do this we will use a program called 4K Downloader, very famous and reliable and thanks to which it is possible to download from the Web for free.

If you are going to download not only the video but also the subtitles of a Youtube video you are in the right place! The various options of the software are in fact based on this use and its process is really very simple. But now let's not waste any more time and see everything together.

How to Download Youtube Videos with Subtitles with 4KDownloader

Before going into our guide on how to download videos from Youtube with subtitles, it is good to know the program we will use. 4KDownloader is a reliable tool, which has been operating for several years now and which allows you to download videos and not only on Youtube and other platforms. In fact, it is also possible to download videos from TikTok, photos, stories and videos from Instagram, convert YT songs to mp3, create presentations and much more.

First we have to go to the Official site and download the program. From the Homepage go to the top and then click on Download. You will see that there are several options that correspond precisely to the functions we have listed above. If you want to do it earlier, that's enough click on free video downloader and you will be redirected to the right page. Now click on Download 4K Video Downloader and wait for it to be downloaded to your PC.

After accepting the classic ritual settings, you will see a screen like the one in the picture in front of you. You can activate your license by clicking on License and entering the code that you received by email or continue keeping the free version (obviously with limits).

As you will see, above you will find 4 options: Files, Downloads, Tools and Help. In Fillet we can import downloads and subscriptions, in Download go to paste the link of the video concerned, in Instruments update the program or activate the smart function and, finally, in Help find all the Social links and the Faq section to contact support.

Understand how to download videos from Youtube with subtitles it's really that simple. Open the 4Kdownloader program and wait for the upload. Open the Youtube video you want to download and click on the link (URL) at the top of the search bar of your browser. Now go back to the program and click on Paste the link. Wait for the upload and you will see a preview of the clip.

Now select on the left side the desired quality (high to low resolution) and to the right the format you prefer (Mp4 or Mkv). You can also extract only the audio, always from the left side. To download subtitles from youtube go to the option downloading subtitles and choose the language that interests you.

You can now choose the folder where to go to bring your contents click on browse and finally click on Download. The download speed will depend on your connection but the program is very fast. Once the process is finished you will be able to see the video, go to the selected folder, remove the file or re-download it. Well now you understand how to download videos from youtube with subtitles but that's not all.

How to download subtitles from YouTube

As we have seen together, the procedure to understand how to download subtitles from Youtube is very simple and does not require a particular skill in the PC world. However, we have also prepared a small summary to help you. Follow the steps and you will see that in no time you will have the video on your computer.

  • Scarica 4kDownloader
  • Open the program on your PC
  • Open YouTube and copy the URL of the video you want to download
  • Click on Paste the link
  • Select the video quality, format, whether you want subtitles or not and the destination folder
  • Wait for the upload
  • Go to the previously selected folder and enjoy the video

If you have problems do not worry, in the Help section of 4k Downloader, you can find all the info to understand how to download videos from youtube with subtitles in a simple and fast way.

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