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Are you looking to edit a PDF file in Microsoft Word? Here's how you can do it easily.

Editing PDFs used to be quite difficult, but with Microsoft adding new features to Word, things have gotten considerably easier. Previously, you had to use Adobe Acrobat to edit a PDF and the whole process was pretty tedious.

However, things have changed considerably since those days. Now, with the latest version of Microsoft Word, editing PDFs has become considerably easier. All you need is Microsoft Word 2013 or later. If you don't know how to edit a PDF document, read the guide below for detailed instructions.

Edit a PDF in Word

Import a PDF file into Microsoft Word

Before you can edit a PDF document, you must open it in Microsoft's word processor. The first step is to import a PDF file into Microsoft Word. To do this, open Microsoft Word. Then, in the top left, click File> Open .

You will see your recently opened documents. Click Browse, then select the PDF file you want to import into Word. If you are unable to see the file in a particular folder, make sure you have selected "All Files" or "PDF Files" from the drop-down menu to select the file type.

File conversion

Once you click on the PDF file and open it in Word, a dialog box will appear. The message simply states that Word will convert the document and upload it, which will take a little longer than standard documents.

It is important to understand that you will likely lose the formatting of the original document. This includes footnotes, page breaks, columns, tables, margins, any associated trace changes, or special formatting.

You may also lose the special effects of the characters. This is due to the functional differences between the original software program used to create the PDF file and Microsoft Word.

Microsoft claims that text documents do not lose as much of their formatting as other PDF documents which include tables, charts, footnotes, and charts. Such documents also take a little longer to upload.

Once you've uploaded your document, it's best to check it carefully and review the formatting and adjust accordingly.

Edit your PDF document

Once the PDF file is open, you can edit it as you see fit. You can remove or add new information and the document will reformat itself as you continue to add or remove items. You can also remove or add new graphics, tables or other effects.

In addition, you also have the option to change the margins, the page size or alter the page size.

Editing images in PDFs

Word also supports adding images to PDFs and is incredibly intuitive. You can make a variety of image changes, including cropping, changing its position, replacing the image, arranging text, and much more. You can also change the alt text of the image. There are also a number of formatting options.

Just right-click the image, then click Size and location o Image format to make the necessary changes. You can edit the image as you like, as shown below.

Export your PDF document

After making changes to the PDF document, you can simply save and export it as a PDF document. To do this, click File> Save As . In the drop-down menu from Save as type , select PDF (as shown above).

You can also optimize the PDF file. Word will show you two options:

  • Standard (optimized for online publishing and printing)
  • Minimum size (optimized for online publishing)

You can also export it using another option. Go up File> Export , then select “Create PDF / XPS Document”.

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