How to end the process in Windows 10 Task Manager

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In the previous version of Microsoft Windows, when we right-clicked on any running process of Windows processes, we had an option to end the process right there. But, in the latest version of Windows, known as Windows 10, MS removed this option there. Now you have to go to details and then in the details pane, right click and you will get the options to end the process and end the process tree.

Terminate the process in the previous version of Windows

Process completion now in Windows 10

You just have to take one step to end a process on the Windows 10 taskbar. Just open the task manager by pressing CTRL + Maiusc + Esc.

You can also open the task manager by pressing windows key + x and then choose Task Manager from the menu.

Once you have located the process you want to delete, right-click and in the menu that opens, click Go to details.

Once you get to the details window, right-click on the process and click Final Process Tree.

This way you can finish the process tree.

Note that the final process tree has the same effect as the final process. It also eliminates all threads connected to the process and helps you get rid of the process that has crashed. Once the process is done and the window restarts, it starts over without any problems.


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