How to find out the IP address of a Windows 10 PC

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The IP address or Internet Protocol address is a unique number assigned to every PC in this world that is connected to any Internet-based business you do. It is basically a digital address that allows a connected system to connect with another device on the internet. In fact, every website on the internet has its own individual IP address.

However, most of us don't know what an IP address is, why it's used, and where it is. While we addressed the first question above, answering the second question, you may need the IP address to find the identity and location of a computer to troubleshoot systems on a network for shared web hosting, SEO purposes, and other. Here's how to find your IP address.

Method 1: Check the IP address of your Windows PC via the settings application

Step 1: Click on Home button, click settings in the context menu (located above the power button) to open the file Settings app.

Step 2: A settings app, go to Network and internet and click on it.

Step 3: If your computer is running on Wi-Fi, go to Network and internet window, click Wi-Fi on the left side of the window. Now click Hardware properties on the right side of the window below the active connection.

Step 3: Bottom Property, you can find the IPv4 address.

If your computer works with Ethernet, click click Ethernet on the left side of Network and internet window and you will find the file IPv4 address under Property on the right side of the window.

Method 2: Check your Windows PC's IP address via command prompt

Step 1: Click on Home button type Symbol of the system In the search box, right-click the result and click Rus likes it CEO Open Symbol of the system with administrator rights.

Step 2: A Symbol of the system window type ipconfig and hit Log in.

Step 3: Now you can find the file IPv4 addresses with active connection. In this case, it is under the Wi-Fi wireless LAN adapter.

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