How to fix a message on a Telegram channel at the top

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How to fix a message up on a Telegram channel

Telegram is a constantly evolving service: just a couple of days ago the Berlin-based giant announced new updates for Android smartphones. In reality, these innovations are proposed by Telegram X, the alternative client always developed by the minds of the parent company (and which turns out to be faster and more innovative than the normal version).

But returning to the main topic, one of the questions that users often ask themselves is how to fix a message high up on Telegram.
It is not a difficult process but it is good to do things right in order to avoid touching other settings and busting the system.
Now let's find out through our article how to insert the message at the top of the app.

Top message on Telegram

Telegram in Spain has yet to be fully discovered in its functionality.
In fact, Whatsapp dominates the market, but if we wanted to make a general speech, users often know the famous instant messaging service less than they think.

In recent months, Telegram However, it started to catch on among users, thanks to its advanced features and its simple line.
If you want a comparison you can read Telegram VS Whatsapp.

Now let's not waste any more time and dedicate to the main topic of our article.
Understand how to fix a message on Telegram at the top it's not very complicated so we have prepared a very simple guideline for you.

Steps Required

To understand how to fix a message at the top of Telegram, follow our steps.
This is not a complex operation:
1) Entra in Telegram
2) Go to the List of Discussions
3) Click the message you are interested in bringing up or alternatively write the message and then click once on it
4) Once this is done, the message will appear Fixed at the top. Click on it and that's it

Attention! The message must be touched only once with a small touch and not holding down the screen.
If you do this you will only see the settings related to deletion, sharing, etc.
We remind you that this setting is only active for Groups and SuperGroups

How to fix a message high up on Telegram. Conclusions

As you have seen, the operation is simple and takes very little time.
This way your message will always be visible at the top of the discussion and you won't need to search for it.

A method as you see simple and also intuitive.
With ours guide on how to fix a message up on Telegram we thought of helping you but if you still have doubts you can write to us or ask to prepare a guide article for the Telegram app.
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