How to fix caps lock on Windows PC

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The keyboard is the primary input device of your Windows 10 PC and therefore it should work flawlessly at all times. Any problem with any of the keys (letters, numbers, toggle keys or function keys) and you are ready for a solution. Caps lock is one of those problems.

The CAPS LOCK key is as important as any other key on the keyboard. So when it gets stuck, it becomes difficult to type lowercase. It will allow you to write in uppercase only unless that fixes the problem. So how do we fix this on your Windows 10 PC? Let's find out.

Method 1: How to fix caps lock problem on Windows PC by checking caps lock

Step 1: If you're typing in uppercase only, check if Caps Lock is on NEL o OFF. Yes NEL, press once to change it OFF and it should work fine now.

If the problem persists, try Method 2.

Method 2: how to fix caps lock problem on Windows PC using function key

Step 1: Select the text you want to change to lowercase and press Shift + F3 keys together on the keyboard. This will change the uppercase letters to lowercase.

This is an instant solution and you can keep typing in lowercase. However, if the problem persists, you can move on to the third method.

Method 3: Start using the Shift key as an alternative to activate Caps Lock

Step 1: Click on Home on the desktop and click settings in the context menu above the file energia button.

Step 2: A settings window, click Time and language option.

Step 3: A Time and language window, click language on the left side of the panel. On the right side of the panel, scroll down and click Spelling, typing and keyboard settings under the Related settings section.

Step 4: On the next page, below Typing > Other keyboard settings > click Advanced keyboard settings.

Step 5: So under the Advanced keyboard settings window: find and click Language bar options.

Step 6: In the next window (Text services and input languages),> Language bar tab> select the radio button next to the file Press the SHIFT key option> To apply > ok.

This will change the Capital letter function of Caps Lock al MODIFY key. So now when you want to type in uppercase, just hit the key MODIFY key and type in uppercase.

That's it, and this should solve your caps lock problem.

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