How to fix "Printer requires user intervention" in Windows 10

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When using a printer and printing documents, this error message may appear,The printer requires user intervention"OR"User intervention is required". This error message may be flashing on the printer's top display panel or within the dialog box.

Apparently this is a problem with laser printers that can occur due to a printer job going wrong, the print queue not working, or there is something wrong with the printer driver. However, there is nothing to worry about as there is a solution available and it is quite simple. Let's see how to fix this printer error.

Solution: Use Task Manager

Step 1: Right-click on the file Application bar and click Task Manager in the context menu.

Step 2: A Task Manager window, click Service tab and search spooler. This is the Print spooler service and it should be Running. You can see if it's already running below State language.

Step 4: Select the spooler service, right click on it and click Restart in the context menu.

That's all. This will update and restart the Print Spooler service which may have crashed for some reason. You can now exit the Task Manager window and try to print the documents. It should work perfectly.

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