How to fix the "black screen of death" problem in Windows 10

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16 December 2015 For Management

Black screen of death it is an error that results in a continuous black screen with a cursor when a user logs in or starts their PC. The desktop screen is not displayed. In some cases, it causes the system to shut down.

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In this article, we will follow some methods to fix the "Black Screen of Death" problem in Windows 10:

Method 1: use Task Manager

The task manager will help us in a temporary solution to avoid the “black screen of death” problem. The necessary steps to perform during this method are as follows:
Step 1:
Press “Ctrl + Alt + Del” together and click “Task Manager”.

Step 2:
In the Task Manager window, click "File" to select "Run New Task".

Step 3:
Type "explorer.exe" in the command line box and click "OK".

The desktop screen will now appear.

Final report: This is only a temporary solution as you have to repeatedly perform the above method when you restart your computer. To fix this problem permanently, you will need to edit the “Registry Data” in the “Registry Editor”.

Method 2: use Registry Editor

Changing the data values ​​in the “Registry Editor” string will help to permanently resolve the black screen of death problem. The steps to follow in this method are given below:
Step 1:
Press “Windows Key + R” to open the Run Command dialog. In the command line box, enter “regedit.exe” and click “OK”.

Step 2:
Double click on “HKEY_LOCAL_MAHINE”. Scroll down and double click on “SOFTWARE”.

Step 3:
Scroll down and double click on "Microsoft".

Step 4:
Scroll down and double click on “CurrentVersion”.

Step 5:
Scroll down and click on "Winlogon".

Step 6:
In the right column (Name) of the "Registry Editor", look for "Shell". Right click on 'Shell' and click 'Edit'.

Step 7:
In the Value data box, type “Explorer.exe” and click “OK”.

Note: This method will fix your problem permanently. Remember, you can only use this method after applying Method 1 (temporary fix), as you will not be able to access the Registry Editor.

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