How to fix the job notification problem of sending printer in Windows 10

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Are you seeing job notification error messages when you try to print something on your computer? If you are really facing this problem, don't worry. This error usually occurs due to the outdated printer driver on the computer. Follow these simple solutions to quickly fix the problem.

Solution 1: Manually restart the printer

The easiest way to fix any kind of printer problem is to manually reset the printer. Follow these steps to do it.

1. Turn off the printer.

2. Next, unplug the entire power cord from the electrical box.

3. Now, wait a minute.

4. Then, press the power button on the printer and hold it down for a moment.

5. While holding down the power button, plug the printer cable into the wall outlet.

6. Now release the power button.

7. The printer will now restart.

When the printer is on again, it tries to print something.

Solution 2: Automate and restart the print service

Incorrectly configured Spooler Service can cause this problem.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R to open the file run window.

2. In the running window, type "services.msc“And then press Log in.

Services window will open.

3. In the Services window, scroll down and then double click on him "Print spooler"Service.

4. Next, you need to select “Automatic".

5. Now click on "Stop“To stop the service.

6. Now click on "To apply"And then click"ok“To save the change on your computer.

Minimize the Services window.

7. Press Windows Key + R to open the file run window.

8. In the running window, copy paste this position and then press Log in.


9. If a message appears, click "Follow".

10. In the Printers folder, select all folders.

11. Then press the "To remove'to empty the folder.

Close the File Browser window.

12. Returning to the Services window, right click on him "Print spooler"Service and then click"Home".

Close the Services window.

Now try to print anything. Check if the error is still bothering you or not.

Solution 3: Run printer diagnostics

You can run the Printer Diagnostics file to detect the problem with the printer.

1. To open the file run window, press Tasto Windows + R keys together.

2 inch run window, genre or copy paste this run command and press Log in.

msdt.exe /id PrinterDiagnostic

3. Then click on "Advanced".

4. After that, check the option "Automatically apply repairs".

5. Then click on "The next".

6. As a next step, you need to select the printer.

7. Next, click on “The next".

8. Then click on "Apply this fix“To apply the correction.

7. When the troubleshooting process is complete, click the "Close the troubleshooter"option.

Restart your computer.

After restarting your computer, try to print something. Check if this helps.

Fix 4 - Update USB Driver Drivers

Updating the driver for USB drivers may fix the problem on your computer.

1. Press Windows key + X.

2. Then click on "Device administrator".

3. After opening Device Manager, expand "Universal Serial Bus control devices"Section.

4. Next, right click on the USB device which is connected to the printer (you will see the printer name in the list) and then click on "Update Driver".

Example- On this computer, it is the "HP DeskJet 1110 series (REST)".)

5. Next, click on “Look for drivers on my computer".

6. In the next step, click on the option "Let me choose from a list of drivers available on my computer".

7. Then select the latest driver from the screen.

8. Now click on "The next“To proceed with installing the driver on your computer.

9. After the driver installation is complete, click "Close".

After updating the driver, close the Device Administrator window.

Your problem should be solved.

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