How to fix the "You tried to log in too many times" error in Gmail

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If you use Gmail on multiple devices, it sometimes won't let you sign in. You may see this error message: “You have tried to log in too many times. For your protection, you cannot log in now. " Faced with this problem recently, I was locked out of my main Google account for nearly three days. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please follow the steps below to fix the problem and regain access to Gmail.

Why does Gmail show the “You tried to sign in too many times” status?

The main cause of the “you tried to log in too many times” error is that you may have removed your phone number from your Google account for added privacy. This makes your device unrecognizable to Google's servers. It is a completely new phenomenon, as even in the recent past it was possible to forgo providing a phone number to Google. This option no longer exists for security reasons.

Even if you have provided a phone number, you may encounter a similar problem if you have disabled two-step verification followed by clearing cookies on your device. In this variation of the error, it says “too many failed attempts” and the verification code for the phone number is disabled.

Even after a few hours or even days, the message keeps repeating itself on the problematic device with no end in sight. You may find yourself locked out of your Gmail account if you carelessly logged out of all devices before the problem occurred. However, account recovery isn't all that difficult.

How to fix the "You tried to log in too many times" error in Gmail

Wait 24 hours

The best solution in such a situation is to forget your Gmail account for some time. It can range from a few hours up to a day or more. If you've saved a phone to your recovery account, you may receive a recovery verification code after about six hours or you may be asked to confirm the recovery phone number.

If you sign in with Google Messages, make sure you don't lose access to your device. This can create serious problems if your phone is lost or suddenly damaged. But that device continues to stay in Google's log forever until you replace it and it will be used for future authentication even when you no longer use that phone. To avoid such a situation, it is safer to avoid Google messages and use verification codes to log in.

Enable two-step verification

If you've enabled Google on one device but find yourself locked out on another, you can change the two-factor authentication settings on the former to unlock the latter. Go to which manages the Google account settings. It will show that two-step verification sign-in has been disabled. You need to reactivate it to restore access to locked devices. Click "Manage Settings" to configure it.

In the next step, you will be asked to confirm with your email and password, followed by a phone setup screen.

Once you've set up two-step verification on a connected device, it's surprisingly easy to regain access to Gmail on a locked device. Just clear your cookies and try to log into your Gmail account with a user ID and password. You will then be greeted by the verification code screen in the previous section. You can continue to remove XNUMX-Step Verification as long as you're signed into Gmail on at least one browser and device (preferably your phone).

Google account recovery

Have you completely removed your phone number from Google? If so, your only option is to do a full Google account reset a. You will be asked to enter the most recent password you remember followed by a phone number. Even if you didn't want it, Google never really removes your phone number from its database because that's what is used for account recovery.

After phone verification via SMS, you will receive a verification code on your backup email with your Google account. Enter this code in the link and Google will send you another message on the backup email after six hours to change your Google password. As soon as you log in again with your new password, remember to add a reset phone number to avoid future login problems.

How to avoid getting blocked by Google

There was a time when having a secure password and due diligence would have been enough to protect your Google account. But today it is no longer possible to manage access without a telephone. To avoid being locked out of your Gmail account by the "You tried to log in too many times" message, follow the tips below:

  • Always stay connected to Google with at least one device : This will be useful for quick access to the account. Phones are the best.
  • Use Google's “Add another account” function - If you need a Google account for work or for another reason, merge it as a secondary account into another primary.
  • Enable access to Gmail on a desktop app: If you have Gmail enabled on a desktop app like Thunderbird or Outlook, you can bypass two-factor authentication requirements. However, you will be limited to just one device.
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