How to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x800f0805 in Windows 10

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Are you getting error code 0x800f0805 when trying to download and install Windows update? This error can occur due to various reasons. Simply follow these fixes to fix the problem on your computer.

Fix-1 Run a batch file to fix it-

1. In the beginning, you have to search for "Notepad".

2. Then click on “Notepad“In the high search result.

3. Once Notepad is open, copy these commands and paste them on the Notepad page.

net stop bits net stop wuauserv net stop appidsvc net stop cryptsvc Del "% ALLUSERSPROFILE% Application DataMicrosoftNetworkDownloader *. *" rmdir% systemroot% SoftwareDistribution / S / Q rmdir% systemroot% system32catroot2 / S / Q sc.exe sdset bits D: (A ; ;;; SY) (A ;; CCDCLCSWRPWPDTLOCRSDRCWDWO ;;; BA) (A ;; CCLCSWLOCRRC ;;; AU) (A ;; CCLCSWRPWPDTLOCRRC ;;; PU) cd / d% windir% system32 regsvr32.exe / s atl.dll regsvr32.exe / s urlmon.dll regsvr32.exe / s mshtml.dll regsvr32.exe / s shdocvw.dll regsvr32.exe / s browseui.dll regsvr32.exe / s jscript.dll regsvr32.exe / s vbscript.dll regsvr32. exe / s scrrun.dll regsvr32.exe / s msxml.dll regsvr32.exe / s msxml3.dll regsvr32.exe / s msxml6.dll regsvr32.exe / s actxprxy.dll regsvr32.exe / s softpub.dll regsvr32.exe / s wintrust.dll regsvr32.exe / s dssenh.dll regsvr32.exe / s rsaenh.dll regsvr32.exe / s gpkcsp.dll regsvr32.exe / s sccbase.dll regsvr32.exe / s slbcsp.dll regsvr32.exe / s cryptdlg.dll regsvr32.exe / s oleaut32.dll regsvr32.exe / s ole32.dll regsvr32.exe / s shell32.dll regsvr32.exe / s initpki .dll regsvr32.exe / s wuapi.dll regsvr32.exe / s wuaueng.dll regsvr32.exe / s wuaueng1.dll regsvr32.exe / s wucltui.dll regsvr32.exe / s wups.dll regsvr32.exe / s wups2.dll regsvr32.exe / s wuweb.dll regsvr32.exe / s qmgr.dll regsvr32.exe / s qmgrprxy.dll regsvr32.exe / s wucltux.dll regsvr32.exe / s muweb.dll regsvr32.exe / s wuwebv.dll netsh winsock reset netsh winsock reset proxy net start bits net start wuauserv net start appidsvc net start cryptsvc

3. Click on 'Fillet"And then click"Save eat".

4. Now, set the File Name: as "fix_update.bat"And click" Save as type: "And set it as"All files".

5. Finally, click on "Save“To save the batch file.

After saving the file, close the Notepad window.

7. Go to the location where you just saved the batch file.

8. Now, right click over it "fix_update.bat", Then click"Run as administrator".

Wait for the process to complete. And then restart your computer.

After restarting your computer, try updating your device again.

Fix-2 Update your system with MCT-

You can create a Windows Media Creation Anchel (MCT) file to update Windows 10. It's a very simple process, just follow these simple steps.

1. Visit the Microsoft Software Downloads page.

2. After opening the website, click on the "Download the tool now“To download the installation media to your computer.

3. Choose a suitable location to download the package.

4. Click on 'Save“To save the package.

3. Go to the location where you downloaded the file on your computer.

4. Hence, double click over it "MediaCreationTool2004".

5. Once in the configuration screen, click on "To accept“To accept the terms and conditions.

6. So you have to choose "Update this PC now“From the options provided.

7. Next, click on "The next“To start the update process.

Media Creation Tool will detect the exact update package for your device. It will download and install the package on your computer.

Restart your computer to complete the installation process.

After restarting, your computer will be updated.

Fix-3 update from Microsoft website-

If you are facing this issue with Windows feature updates (such as Windows 10 May 2020e Update) then follow these simple steps:

1. Visit this link.

2. Once the site is open, click on "Update now".

2. Visit the download location on the drive.

3. Double click over it "Windows10Upgrade9252".

The application will run on your computer and will download and install the latest feature update package suitable for your computer.

Depending on the update package, it may take 30 minutes -1 hour to complete the process.

Please be patient.

4. The device will restart automatically when "Exit"The set up.

You should go through the update process without facing any errors.

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