How to force the game or application to use dedicated GPU in Windows 10

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Windows 10 now offers a great feature that lets you select the GPU you want to use for your game or application. Usually a PC comes with two graphics cards of which one is the integrated graphics card (default) and the other is the dedicated graphics card. The integrated card is normally an Intel chip and the dedicated card comes from manufacturers such as AMD and Nvidia.

So, if you are an avid gamer or use high quality video editing software, the dedicated GPU comes in handy. However, since your Windows 10 PC has two graphics cards, you don't know which one is in use. So, if you've downloaded a new game or app and want it to run on the dedicated GPU, here's how you can go about it.

Method 1: using graphics settings

Step 1: Desk > click on the file Home button> type Graphic settings > click on the result.

Step 2: Graphic settings window> Choose an app to set your preferences > let it stay in the file Classic app in the drop-down menu> click Look button.

3 pass: Open the Browser on file > click on the file to drive > SO (C 🙂 link on the left side of the window> Now go to the application you want to force to use the dedicated GPU. Check if you are in Program file or Program files (x86) folder based on yours 64 bit version o 32 bit version.

* Note - Program file it's for him 64 bit versions and the Program files (x86) è per 32 bit Versions

In our case, we select found in Program file.

Step 4: Now select Next, select

Step 5: Please select PaintDotNet application> click the Add button at the bottom of the file Browser on file.

Step 6: Now, like the application is added to the file Classic app list> click the app> click Choices button.

Step 7: Now in the graphics preferences list> default to Default system (the computer decides which GPU to use)> select High performance > use the dedicated graphics> click Save.

That's all! You have now successfully changed the GPU preference by allowing your application to use dedicated graphics.

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