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How to forward your Outlook emails to Gmail. Are you looking to switch from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail? You will need to forward your email, contacts and calendar to make the transition smoother.

Thankfully, this is a relatively easy process thanks to the built-in tools on both platforms. Whether you're using or the Outlook desktop app, we'll show you how to migrate Outlook to Gmail in no time.

How to forward your Outlook emails to Gmail

First, let's consider the most important element: Outlook email forwarding.

Forwarding of emails on

Log in to Outlook and click on the tab Settings in the upper right corner. You choose options from this menu and you will see a long list of options in the left sidebar.

Expand to Mail> Accounts> Forwarding . You may need to verify your account here before continuing.

On the page Forwarding select the option Start forwarding and enter the email address you want to forward. If you select Keep a copy of forwarded messages , they will remain in your Outlook inbox.

Make click su Save to apply the changes and start mail forwarding.

Forwarding of emails to Outlook Desktop

The email forwarding process from the desktop version of Outlook is slightly different. First, open Outlook and select Fillet . Click Manage rules and alerts from the card Information .

On the resulting window, click New rule . You choose Apply rule on messages I receive , then up NEXT .

Since you want to forward all mail, leave all resulting boxes unchecked and click again NEXT . Accept the warning that this will apply to all messages if it appears.

In the list Actions , check it out whether to forward it to public individuals or groups . At the bottom of the window, click the link to public people or groups and enter your Gmail address in the   field. Choose again NEXT .

Ignore the list of exceptions and rewards NEXT . Finally, add a name for the rule and make sure you have enabled this rule . If you select Run this rule now on messages already in the "Inbox" , you will also forward all existing mail to Gmail.

How to import Outlook mail and contacts into Gmail

The previous step will forward all new Outlook mail to your Gmail account, but what about the messages currently in your inbox?

Import of mail and contacts from

You can use the Gmail import tool to grab everything from your Outlook webmail account.

Open your Gmail account and click on the icon in the shape of gear at the top right, then select Settings . You choose Account and Import at the top. On this page, click Import mail and contacts .

This will open a new window. Enter the Outlook email address you want to import from; you will then see a list of permissions you need to grant. click on Yes to accept them. Finally, you will see a window Import options .

Check the boxes for Import mail e Import contacts , if you want. You can also select Import new mail for 30 days , although this is not necessary if you have submitted upward.

Depending on the amount of mail you have in Outlook, this may take some time. Your mail will appear in Gmail as it progresses.

Import of mail and contacts from the Outlook desktop

Follow the above steps to import existing Outlook desktop contacts and mail into Gmail. When you follow the instructions in the “Forward Email to Outlook Desktop” section above, you will also have the option to import existing mail.

If you need to manually transfer Outlook contacts to Gmail, you can do it with the Google Contacts import tool. In Gmail, click the app switcher in the top right corner to open. Expand the section Other left and select Import .

Here, select your provider (you will probably need a other email provider ) and log in with your account. Follow the steps to import your contacts.

If that doesn't work with your email account, you can export them to a CSV file from your Outlook desktop. Open Outlook and go to File> Open and Export on the left side. You choose Import / Export and select Export to a file in the resulting window.

Then select Comma separated values . You will see a list of folders, choose Contact us and click NEXT . Choose a specific contact folder if you need it.

Click the button Shop by Department to enter a name and location for the exported contact file. Select NEXT once again, be sure to check the Show Outlook e box end .

Go back to Google Contacts and click the option again Import . This time, choose CSV o file vCard and load the exported CSV from Outlook.

How to share your Outlook calendar with Gmail

You have imported your mail and your contacts; the last important item to bring is your calendar. While there's no built-in way to keep the two calendars perfectly in sync, you can connect your Outlook calendar to Gmail and use it as a base.

Note that new events added to your Outlook calendar after this process will not sync with your Google calendar, so we recommend using Google Calendar.

Connecting your calendar with Gmail

You will first need to generate a link for your Outlook calendar. In Outlook mail, click the button Menu in the upper left corner and switch to Calendar . After that, click on the tab again Settings at the top right and choose options .

In the left sidebar, expand the options for Calendar> Shared Calendars> Calendar Publishing . Use the drop-down menu Select a calendar to choose the one that matters if you have multiple calendars.

Then, click the button Crea under Show availability, titles and locations . You will see two URLs, one with a label HTML and one with ICS . Copy the URL for the entry ICS , then go on.

In Google Calendar, click Gear at the top right and choose Settings . On the left side of this page, choose Add Calendar> From URL . Paste the URL of your Outlook calendar that you copied a moment ago and click Add calendar .

Importing a desktop Outlook calendar into Gmail

You will need to export your desktop Outlook calendar as a file in order to import it into Google Calendar.

Open Outlook and switch to the view Calendar (usually in the lower left corner). Select the calendar you want to transfer from I my calendars on the left, then click File> Save Calendar .

In the resulting dialog box, we recommend that you click Other options to configure what you save.

THE date range default is Today , which only captures information for one day. You can set it to All the calendar , but this will generate a large file if you have a lot on your calendar. Try next 30 days o Specify dates instead if you are worried about the file size.

You'll also need to edit just the detail  from   . Click and choose Full details in so you get it all. Expand Show next to Advanced and check the boxes to include private items and those with attachments if you wish.

Finally, choose a name for the file and where to save it.

On your Google Calendar, click gear icon> Settings> Import and Export> Import . you do click su Select files from your computer and load the ICS file you just saved from Outlook.

Once the process is complete in both cases, look in the lower left corner below Other calendars to activate it. You can use the button Menu a three points to open the related settings and change its name, color, and other options.

You have now connected Outlook to Gmail

We've shown you everything you need to move Outlook data to Gmail, whether you're using Outlook on the web or desktop.

You have forwarded Outlook mail to Gmail, imported your Outlook contacts into Gmail, and linked your Outlook calendar with Gmail. After a short transition period, you'll be ready to leave Outlook behind.

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