How to free up disk space by deleting backup copies of previous Windows 10 images

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How to free up disk space by deleting backup copies of previous Windows 10 images: - By default, the system backup is done regularly on Windows 10. This often comes to the rescue in many situations. But if this feature is not handled properly, it could easily saturate the target drive and consume all the available space. But just like with any other problem, Windows has found a solution for this too. Windows allows you to delete backup images from the destination drive to sort them. Using this feature, you can efficiently manage space problems caused by regular backups. Read on to learn all about this simple trick.

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  • First, Control Panel must be released. You can launch it from the Start menu icon or you can launch it using the Run command. For that, type run in Cortana's search box. This will result in Cortana listing the Run command files as the search result. Click on it to start the Run command window.


  • As below, type control inside Run text box. After that, press the button well.


  • Performing the previous step will lead to the opening of the Control Panel file. Now locate the search bar inside the Control Panel file. File History Search There. Once you find it, click on it.


  • Now a new window called File History opens. At the bottom of the window, you will find a link that says System Image Backup. Click on it to proceed to the next step.


  • Look for a section called Back. It will show you the drive where your backup images are stored. Click the link that says Manage space as shown in the screenshot.


  • Now a new window called Manage Windows Backup Disk Space opens. Under System Image section, look for a button called Change Settings and click on it.


  • In the newly opened window, you have the option to ask the system to keep only the latest system image and minimize the space used by the backup. This will eliminate unwanted backups and effectively restore wasted space. After selecting the radio button, click the OK button.


  • You can also choose to manually delete system image files. For this, you need to click the View backups button on the Manage disk space of Windows Backup window.


  • Now, from the window that opens, you can choose the backup image you want to delete. After selecting a backup image, you can delete it simply by clicking the Delete button.


  • When prompted for confirmation, just click Cancel button.


  • Now a warning dialog will inform you that the backup is being deleted. Sit back and relax.

Deleting backups is very important and now you can do that job in an easy way as explained in this article. Come back for more, because there is always something waiting for you.

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