How to get a fully charged battery notification in Windows 10

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When your laptop's battery level runs low, Windows 10 notifies you with a notification to connect the power supply. But there is no function in Windows 10 to notify you when the battery is full. Keeping the laptop plugged in even after the battery is fully charged has a significant impact on health. Also, if you continue charging for a longer period, the battery will overheat. This is not good for battery health. It is recommended to keep the battery charge between 30 and 90 percent for a long time. If you are using battery management software, it will notify you when the battery level is full. If you don't use any such software, don't worry, you can use a simple script to get the job done. In fact, the screenplay was written by Mr. John howard. Actually the script was written to warn you when the battery level reaches 95%. I have made small changes to the script to notify when the battery level is 99% instead of 95%. Read on to find out how to use this script to get notified when the battery is fully charged.

How to get a fully charged battery notification

  • Download the file and extract the zip file to get the FullBattery.vbs process. Note that you can modify the script to suit your needs by opening it in Notepad. You can change the percentage at which you want to be notified.
  • To enable the notification, simply double-click the FullBattery.vbs file proceeding. You will not be shown any notifications or a new window. Also, if you run the script multiple times, there will be multiple instances. If multiple instances are running, you will receive multiple notifications. You can avoid starting the FullBattery.vbs file every time you turn on your PC. For that, you need to run the script at startup.
  • To run the script at startup, create a shortcut to the FullBattery.vbs file from the context menu.
  • Open Run command box by pressing Win + R. And type shell: start. Click is fine to open the Startup folder.

  • Now copy the FullBattery.vbs file - Shortcut you just created for it Start Collector. Similarly, you can start any application or script at system startup by copying its link in the Start Binder.

  • Simply restart your PC.
  • From now on, when the battery is full, you will get a notification saying Battery is fully charged in a small window. You can change the text to be displayed by editing the file proceeding.

Hope the article was helpful.

Note: - If you want to uninstall the script, press Win + R key and type shell: start. Click OK to start the startup folder. Remove the link from here.

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