How to get out of Safe Mode in Windows 10

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Many of us prefer to run our Windows 10 operating system in Safe Mode at times, so that it can run with as few drivers and services as possible. It is when the Windows 10 system does not boot normally, we start in safe mode.

It's basically the Windows 10 troubleshooting mode where you start Windows in Safe Mode and diagnose any program or operating system problems. Once the troubleshooting is finished, you can reboot your system and exit Safe Mode.

But what if your Windows 10 PC boots in Safe Mode by default every time you start it? It wasn't what you wanted, was it? Just wanted to boot into safe mode while it fixes the problem, that's it. Now, if Safe Mode needs a fix, it can be a problem. Whether you did it intentionally or accidentally, you should now exit Safe Mode. Let's see how.

Solution: Using MSCONFIG

Step 1: press the Window key + R to open the file run I send. gender msconfig in the search box and press Log in.

Step 2: A msconfig window, click Boot tab and under the Boot options section, uncheck the box next to Safe Boot.

Click on To apply and so ok per salvare I modified it.

Step 3: In the message, choose Restart to restart the PC normally and not in Safe mode.

That is. You can now restart your computer and it will restart normally without any prompting.

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