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You are looking for a guide that will explain you in detail how to have black whatsapp? Very well, you found it! In this in-depth analysis we are going to show you the procedure to succeed in your intent and switch to the black version of the popular instant messaging app.

The color theme black is one of the latest innovations implemented by WhatsApp: in the next lines we tell you everything about the operations to be carried out to activate the dark mode. Here are all our tips, happy reading!

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How to have black WhatsApp

You recently noticed that your friend's WhatsApp has turned dark in color. A very decisive change of style, which you would like to make too. For this you have come to this guide on how to have black whatsapp. The famous instant messaging app has introduced the dark mode, which you would like to activate right away. In the following paragraphs I will give you all the guidelines to help you achieve the set goal.

So take a few minutes of free time: we are sure that, once you have finished reading the article, you will have a clearer picture of what you need to do. Whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, this focus will give you a concrete hand to dispel all your doubts. But no more delay, are you ready? Perfect, let's go!

How to have WhatsApp black Android

If you are wondering how to have black whatsapp android, first you need to understand what version of the operating system you have. If your smartphone is updated to Android 10, the dark theme is activated automatically, if this was previously activated in the device settings. To do this, go to the "Settings" section of the device, in the screen that opens presses on Display and press on the wording "Theme". This will activate the dark mode.

The procedure analyzed may vary depending on the device in use. For example, on a Huawei smartphone you have to go to the Settings> Battery menu and move the lever relating to the wording "Dark colors interface". In any case, once done, start WhatsApp: you should now see the dark theme applied automatically.

Do you have a smartphone with Android 9? In this case, the activation of the dark theme must be done manually. Here are all the steps to succeed in your intent:

  • Start WhatsApp
  • Press the icon (...) that you find at the top right
  • Tap on "Settings" in the menu that is shown to you
  • Fai tap her Chat> Theme and then put the check mark on the Dark option, so as to activate the dark mode. Just press the OK button to confirm activation.

How to have black WhatsApp on iPhone

You have an Apple iPhone and therefore you are wondering how to have black WhatsApp on iPhone? Great, this is the paragraph you need! But first we must tell you this: to activate the dark mode on an iPhone it is essential that the latter is updated to iOS 13, since the dark mode of WhatsApp only works with that.

As for the procedure, press the gear icon that you find on the home screen of your iPhone, open the Settings menu and then tap on the item "Screen and brightness". Here put the check mark on the item "Dark": by doing so you will activate the dark theme on your device. You can also choose to activate the dark mode only in the evening: just activate the lever positioned near the item "Automatic".

At this point, all you have to do is start the WhatsApp app: you should now see the dark mode activated automatically.

How to have black WhatsApp: conclusions

You should now have a clearer idea about how to have black whatsapp. We just have to give you an appointment at the next one, in the hope that our guide has actually been useful to you. Soon!

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