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Don't want to let your friends know that you are connected to Whatsapp because you don't want or don't have time to reply? Do you want to prevent your employer from knowing that you are chatting in the office instead of working? You are in the taste place: in this guide we will show you how to hide whatsapp online in a few simple steps.

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How to hide Online Whatsapp

Before starting, it is good to point out that, whatever countermeasure you adopt among the many options of Whatsapp on privacy, there is not one indicated to avoid having the word "Online" appear when you enter the chat.

However, it is possible, for example, not to let people know when you last logged in or when you read the message, avoiding the double check: it is not really a question of hiding your online status, but it can still help you to limit your information.

In the guide, in addition to these options, we will also see two methods to prevent the word "online" from appearing through some tricks. Are you ready to find out everything? Then open Whatsapp and let's get started!

How to hide the last access on Whatsapp

One of the most used tricks to not let people know when you have been online on Whatsapp is to hide the last access: this will not allow you to hide your online status, that is to say that when you are connected, the writing will appear anyway, but at least you will limit your information.

To apply this function to your account, simply select the hamburger menu (the three dots at the top right) and select the "Settings" item, then the Account item and, finally, the option Privacy, the first on the list.

At this point, you will find several selectable options, including the first, "Last access", which will allow you to set who will be able to know the time and date of your last connection on Whatsapp: you will have to tap on "None" and, immediately, none, neither your contacts in the address book nor people who are not among your contacts can have information about your last access.

From the privacy settings, you can also avoid letting people know when you read a message by deleting the blue double check: just move the dot, corresponding to the item "Read confirmation" to the left. Before doing so, however, consider that not even you will be able to see the blue double ticks of the others and that in the groups the confirmations are always sent, even if you have deactivated them.

How to hide your online status with Unseen

In case your phone is Android, there is another way to not let a contact discover that you are online and that, among other things, he is reading his message, and involves the installation of an app called Unseen.

This app was created to remain incognito and not make your activity known on various instant messaging apps, including Whatsapp: Unseen in English, in fact, means "not seen", therefore hidden.

Once installed, the program will ask you which apps, installed on your phone, it can synchronize, in this case, select Whatsapp and proceed: a new screen will appear in which they will be delivered to you all the messages you will receive on Whatsapp.

You will be able to select and read the messages of the people you do not want to know that you are online but, in case you also want to reply, the program will warn you that you are about to show both your status and the double blue ticks that confirm the reading, so keep remember that, if you want to answer, you will come out in the open.

How to hide online status with Watusi

If on the other hand you are the happy owner of an iPhone, in case you have already implemented the Jailbreak procedure, the Watusi app could be useful for your purpose, which, similarly to Unseen, was designed and built to increase the privacy level of Whatsapp.

Watusi can be downloaded and installed via Cydia and, once activated, it will allow you to freeze or remove the online status and the last access, simply by activating the option in the menu of the same app.

If, on the other hand, you have not implemented the Jailbreak (which, we remind you, instantly makes you lose the warranty of your iPhone), then you can still not show yourself online with a small but complex trick.

Go to the system settings, select the Whatsapp app and then put Off on toggle of the data connection, so as not to allow the app to connect with the 4G of your smartphone.

At this point, activate the Wifi, wait to receive the messages, deactivate the Wifi option and enter Whatsapp: whoever sent the message, not only will not see you "Online", but will not even receive the double blue check to confirm reading .

How to Hide Online Whatsapp: Conclusions

Now that you have discovered all the tricks on how to hide Whatsapp online, let's imagine you can't wait to put them into practice, maybe right now that you start working again or just to read your parents' message, without letting them know that you did.

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