How to hide pictures in Microsoft Word

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How to hide pictures in Microsoft Word and make documents easier to read. An image in your Microsoft Word document can sometimes be an extra thing to go through when all you're trying to do is scroll quickly and read the text.

Well, did you know that there is a little-known feature in Word that allows you to hide all the images in the document and replace them with a temporary placeholder?

How to hide pictures in Microsoft Word

Using image placeholders helps speed up document viewing. A document loaded with graphics can be heavy and slow down Word. Image placeholders do not remove all images from the document. They just hide it to make your document and reading faster.

  • Open Microsoft Word. Go to File> Options> Advanced Settings .
  • On the Advanced Settings tab, enable the checkbox Show image placeholder under Viewing the document content .
  • Click OK in the dialog box to save the settings and return to the document. Any image in the document will be replaced by a box.

  • To recover your images, you can uncheck the same box or go to View> Reading Mode.
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