How to Hide Subscribers on YouTube

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You are trying to understand how to hide subscribers on youtube? Very well, we can help you out! In our focus we will analyze the procedure to ensure that the users who follow you are made invisible. Nothing long or complex: with a few simple steps you will succeed in your intent. But no delay: let's go!

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How to hide subscribers on YouTube

Let's start with a fundamental premise to frame the speech: hide subscribers on YouTube it is a function that the social network allows you to activate. The second good news is that it is not a complicated operation: in the next paragraphs we will give you all the instructions to do it in a few minutes, whether you are using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The people who visit your channel will therefore no longer be able to view the number of subscribers: the only numbers they will see are like and dislike, but you can continue to keep an eye on this data. So if you are here because you want to avoid showing this information to those who view your videos you can do it: just follow the instructions below. Enjoy the reading!

How to hide subscribers on YouTube using your pc

As we said, it is not about anything complicated. Let's start with the steps to take if you are using a PC. First of all, go to the official YouTube site and log in: press Log in (button at the top right) and then enter the e-mail address of your Google account. Now all you have to do is select the Next item, type the password and click Next again. Here we are: you are logged in. Now press your account icon at the top right: My channel will open, which you will need to select.

At this point, select Customize Channel and click on the gear icon (you can find it next to the number of your subscribers). Now go to the Advanced Settings item and check it Do not display the number of subscribers to my channel (you can find it by selecting Number of subscribers). Finally, click on the Save button: now the number of users subscribed to your channel is no longer public, even if you continue to view it.

How to see the number of subscribers even if you have made it invisible to others? Easy: just go to the YouTube home page, press your account icon at the top right and select My channel and then Customize Channel. Once this is done, you will now see a page where you can see the number of your subscribers on the right.

How to hide YouTube subscribers from smartphones and tablets

Do you want to carry out the operation directly on your smartphone or tablet? No problem, but the official YouTube apps do not allow you to perform the procedure: you must therefore use the desktop mode of the web version of YouTube. How to do? Go to the main YouTube page using the browser of your choice (for example Chrome if you are using Android or Safari if you are with iPhone), then press the icon of the three vertical dots located at the top right.

At this point you will notice an entry named Desktop site: select it and then tap the Login button at the top right. Now you just have to follow the same instructions as in the previous paragraph. Please note: there may be some differences between Android and iPhone smartphones. Usually on the first you have to press the icon with three vertical dots or three horizontal lines, and then select Desktop site / Desktop version, while on the second you have to press the Update icon and then select the item Request desktop site. Remember that each browser has a different procedure, but in general the instructions to be taken into consideration are these.


It is easy to say: some channel owners find it preferable to hide the number of subscribers (because it is small) in front of videos viewed by millions of people. In fact, it can happen that a channel still has few subscribers but contains videos viewed many times. In essence, the goal is to make the public believe that they are bigger than they actually are.

However, it is good to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of this choice: a good compromise could be to keep the number of subscribers "secret" only for a limited period of time, just to scrape together the first hundreds of subscribers. Our advice is then to come out in the open!

Finally, before we leave, let's tell you one last thing: on the popular social video network there is also a very similar feature, which is the ability to prevent other people from seeing which channels you are subscribed to with your profile. Basically you can also block your subscriptions, in order to protect your privacy. However, we will talk more about this in another specific article. Either way you should now have a complete picture of how to hide subscribers on youtube. Good luck!


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