How to hide the Facebook wall

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How to hide the Facebook wall

Facebook is a well-known and used social network, although it has already been present for several years there are still those who sign up and maybe after a first period of use it may happen to find the fact of be easily attainable through a simple search su Google eg.

For this reason it can be useful to hide the visibility of your own from outsiders showcase su Facebook, when your name is searched on Internet.
This usually also avoids receiving friend requests from strangers or people advertising purposes onlyi.
If you want to know How to hide the wall on Facebook, just keep reading this guide.

How to hide the wall on Facebook: Steps

Please note that Facebook it's a application free that you can use on any device mobile Android e iOS, or from any browser from a pc with access to Internet.

Let's see how hide la showcase su Facebook from one smartphone.

  • Open the Facebook App, if you have not chosen automatic entry, enter your credentials to see your profile
  • Fate tap on three lines top right
  • Choose the item settings

  • Tap on it privacy settings

  • From the menu that opens, select the item Do you want search engines outside Facebook to redirect to your profile?

  • On the following screen, tap to disable the check that gives consent. Done there your wall DON'T will be more visible su Google.

Now let's see how to perform the procedure if using Facebook from PC.

  • To come in with your credentials on the Facebook site
  • Do tap on arrow il high a right and choose the item settings
  • In the following screen you do tap su Privacy which is found inlist on the left
  • A screen will open where you will find the item "Do you want search engines outside Facebook to redirect to your profile?”Change your choice by setting to No, and that's it!

What do you think, simple isn't it?

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