How to increase the speed of Chrome

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How to speed up Chrome and fix errors without reinstalling. Your Chrome browser used to be snappy and now it's gotten slow. A browser reset will fix all kinds of issues without deleting all your bookmarks and other data.

If you've been using Chrome for a long time, you've probably amassed a lot of extensions, site data, and more that have made it slow.

Fortunately, there's a super easy way to get back to its original speed, without the hassle of completely uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling it: a browser reset.

How to increase the speed of Chrome

Reset Chrome what it does

When you reset Chrome, the following things will be done:

  • Your browser search engine is reset to its default value,
  • Your home page and default startup tabs are reset.
  • tab page settings are reset.
  • The locked tabs are deleted.
  • Content settings (such as on sites that you have given access to your webcam or allowed pop-ups) are cleared.
  • All cookies and site data are deleted.
  • All extensions and themes, except for the default ones, are disabled (but not deleted).

Everything else, like your bookmarks, browser history, passwords will be kept with your Chrome user profile (so make sure you have one).

Then go to the top right of the three dots and click on settings check that you are logged in and if not, do it otherwise by proceeding you will lose all data.

How to reset Chrome

Just click on the menu button in the top right corner (the three dots) and select "Settings"

At the bottom of the Settings page, click "Show Advanced Settings".

Scroll down through the setting options until you reach the bottom. There, click on “Reset settings”.

Finally, you will be prompted to confirm the reset.

Official Google program for cleaning Chrome

If you have reset Chrome and are still experiencing problems, we recommend that you download and run it, to get rid of any adware and junk.

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