How to insert and change the color of hyperlinks in Word 2016

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Hyperlinks are references to data. These references can be a website, an email ID, or a particular page in a document. A user reading a document can click the hyperlink and visit another page. This is a pretty useful feature, as you can provide more information with one click. Users who don't want to follow it can skip it. You can have two types of hyperlinks, the ones you have visited and the ones you don't have. The hyperlinks you visit are the ones you clicked on before, and the hyperlinks you didn't visit are the ones you didn't visit. Usually in Word, both are displayed in two different predefined colors. These are variations of blue. So for some people it's not easy to tell them apart at a glance. Therefore, you can change the color of the hyperlinks as you like. Let's say you can give red for those who aren't visited and green for those you already have. This post first explains how to insert hyperlink in Word 2016. Then you can read how to change hyperlink color. Follow the steps below:

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How to insert a hyperlink

  • Write the link you want. Or paste the link into your Word document. Then click To insert language.

  • Select the link you wrote and click Ipertestuale Collegamento on the Insert tab.

  • If you want to give a different display name, write it down Text to display. Click ok. You can write the link directly in the field corresponding to Talk to if you have not made any text selections.

How to change the color of the link

Hyperlinks not visited

  • Click the arrow in the lower right corner of Styles under Home language.

  • stain Ipertestuale Collegamento from the Styles menu.

  • You can see a drop-down icon appear. Click on it. Also, click Modify.

  • In Format, use the drop-down menu to select the desired color for the hyperlink. Click ok.

Hyperlinks visited

  • Once again at the bottom Home tab, click the up arrow Styles.
  • Click on Choices link at the bottom of the menu.

  • Click the drop down menu on Select the styles to view. To choose All styles.

  • Now go back to the Styles menu. You can see a new option Ipertestuale Collegamento. Detect it.

  • Click on the drop-down menu that appears next to the hyperlink below. Click on Modify.

  • In Format, use the drop-down menu to choose the color you want to assign to the hyperlink. Click ok.

As you can see, the link changes to the color you just chose!

This color coding feature can be used effectively even if you have your own blog or website. If you're providing a description of it in a document, you can use your website theme colors in hyperlinks and give it a professional touch.

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