How to insert and resize a table in Microsoft Word 2016

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Inserting tables in word files allows you to illustrate the data in a limited way. The information contained in a table classifies a specific meaning of the document. Therefore, it can be understood easily. In addition to using tables, we can also include Excel spreadsheets in a word document.

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In this article, we will follow some steps on how to insert and resize a table in Microsoft Word 2016:

Step 1:

Type “word 2016” into the Windows search bar located next to the Start icon. Click on the first option provided.

Step 2:

Click the "Insert" tab located in the upper left corner of the "Word" window. After clicking, a ribbon toolbar will appear providing numerous options such as page options, tables, illustrations, symbols, etc. Click on "Tables".

Step 3:

After clicking, you can insert a minimum of 1 × 1 Table up to a maximum of 10 × 8 Tables. These tables are predefined and can be seen from the highlighted box in the screenshot provided.

If you want to customize the number of rows and columns, you can click "Insert Table" and enter the number of rows and columns.

For example, we have selected 3 × 3 Table. To select it, we will move the cursor to the third row and third column and click on it. As soon as you click, a 3 × 3 table will appear on the word page.

Step 4:

To increase the size of the cells, we will click on the “□” (square) icon located in the lower right corner of the table.

Step 5:

To redefine the position of the table, we will click and drag the "Four Corners Arrows" icon located at the top of the table.


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