How to install Dolby Audio in Windows 10

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Dolby Audio provides a unique sound experience by enhancing digital audio output. It allows the user to adjust the sound system to provide an experience that only one can see in a theater. If you want to install Dolby Audio on your Windows 10 computer, follow this article to do it.

Note: - Instead of going ahead with the method given below, you can also choose to install Dolby audio as a Microsoft Store product file here.

How to install Dolby Audio in Windows 10-

STEP 1 Install the Dolby Digital Plus AA driver

Follow these steps to download and install Dolby Audio on Windows 10.

1. Download "Dolby Digital Plus Advance Audio". Click on “download".

Close the browser window.

2. Now go to the download path on your computer.

3. Extract the "Advanced Dolby Digital Plus Audio“In a place of your choice.

Close Window File Browser.

4.Press Windows + I icon to open the window settings file.

5. Now click on "Update and security".

6. Then click on "Recovery".

7. Subsequently, under "Advanced startup"Click on"Restart now".

8. Next, click on “Solve problems"option.

9. To solve the problem, click on "Solve problems".

10. Then click on "Advanced options".

11. You can access the "Startup Settings".

12. To restart your computer in safe mode, click "Restart"

13. Press "4”For 'Enable Security Mode'.

14. Press Windows key + X and then click "Device administrator".

15. You need to click on "Sound, video and game controllers".

16. Now, the right mouse button in "Realtek (R) Audio"And then click"Update Driver".

17. Just click on "Search my computer for driver software".

18. In the next window, click on "Let me choose from a list of available drivers".

19. Now click on "There is a disk".

20. Next, click on “Look".

21. In the Find File window, click "Dolby Digital Plus Advance Audio".

22. Choose the folder according to the CPU architecture.

23. Now, double click in "64 bit".

24. Now, double click on him "Drivers“Folder to access it.

25. Then select "Digital Plus AA".

26. Now click on "Open".

27. Click on 'ok".

28. Now select "Dolby Digital Plus Advance Audio".

29. Then click on "The next".

30. If there are any warning messages, click "Yup".

You will need to restart your computer to complete the update process.

STEP-2 Install the configuration file for Dolby Digital Plus AA-

After restarting your computer, follow these steps to install the Dolby Digital Advanced Audio file on your computer.

1. Again go to the location where you extracted the zip file for the first time.

2. Double click on him "Advanced Dolby Digital Plus Audio“Folder to access it.

3. Now double click in "64 bit".

4. In 64 bit binder, double click in "Prepare“Binder.

5. Then double click in "DolbyDigitalPlusAAx64“To install on your computer.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Dolby Digital Plus on your computer.

7. When finished, click on "To finish“To complete the installation process.

You have installed Dolby Digital Advanced Audio on your computer. Check it out while playing music or video.

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