How to install WhatsApp on PC

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You've been wondering for some time how to install whatsapp on pc you are in the right place! With our guide we will explain step by step the procedure to be able to use whatsapp on your computer, and have the famous instant messaging service even on your desktop.

Nothing so long or complex: in a few minutes you will have installed the computer version of the application on your device. But no delay: let's go and find out how to use whatsapp on pc without phone !

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How to install WhatsApp on PC

Let's start with a fundamental premise to frame the discussion: WhatsApp can be used on both smartphones and PCs. There are basically two ways to take advantage of the desktop messaging application: you can use the official client for computers recently available for Windows and OS X, or use Web WhatsApp, i.e. the web version of the service.

Both are very valid solutions, which we will analyze in detail in the following paragraphs. As we said, this is not a complicated operation: in a few minutes you can take advantage of the features of WhatsApp even with the keyboard and display of your computer. Very well, we just have to proceed and explain in detail how to install whatsapp on PC!

How to Install WhatsApp on Windows

You can install WhatsApp on your PC using the official client: to do so, first click here, where you can find the software download web page. Once you get there, go up Download for Windows (the program is only compatible with Windows 8 and later). Once the download is complete, open the WhatsAppSetup.exe file: after a few seconds you will see the icon of the famous app directly on the desktop and on the Start menu.

Perfect, you understand how to install whatsapp on windows! Now all you have to do is start the app on your smartphone, go to WhatsApp Web (button with the three dots at the top right for Android, Settings tab at the bottom right for iOS) and frame the QR code with the camera of the device you see in the program window on your computer. But first you need to press the Ok button, I understood when you are shown the initial WhatsApp tutorial.

If the latter does not appear, you can press the + button at the top right or on the item Scan the QR code: in this way you can finally use WhatsApp also on your computer. It is not necessary to repeat this operation every time: you can connect to WhatsApp Web from your PC automatically by placing the check mark in the item Stay connected (you can find it at the bottom left before framing the QR code with your smartphone).

It will take a few seconds before the connection to the service is established: after this short period of time, your WhatsApp conversations will also be visible on the Windows desktop. The WhatsApp interface on your computer is the same as the one you see on a smartphone every day.

How to Use WhatsApp Web

The second method we propose is probably the simplest: in fact you don't have to install anything, because a web version of WhatsApp already exists. It is called precisely Web WhatsApp, and can be used on a PC via a browser. There is no limitation and it is the same in everything as the mobile one. To start sending messages even from your computer, simply connect to the WhatsApp Web page and start the application with the same operations we have listed above.

To understand how to use WhatsApp Web you can use the instant messaging app just as if you had a smartphone: you can chat, receive notifications and send voice directly to the desktop. Great, isn't it? However, there is an important aspect to consider: some users opt for the installation of WhatsApp on Windows because they are unable to access the service due to problems with the browser.

With the download version of WhatsApp for PC this problem does not arise: as we saw in the previous paragraph, simply download the app from the site and install it on your computer. So you can chat with friends, send voice messages, share pictures, videos and much more.

How to install WhatsApp on PC: limitations

There would be another method to install WhatsApp on a PC: it is an unofficial and somewhat cumbersome solution. We are talking about BlueStacks, that is an Android emulator for Windows and Mac that allows you to run any app for the green robot system on your computer.

It is a free program, which does not require complex operations: it is full of advertisements, which can be removed by signing up for a subscription at a price of 4 dollars per month. In light of what has been analyzed in the previous lines, we can say that BlueStacks is a bypassed method: with the download of WhatsApp for PC and WhatsApp Web it is quite useless.

In any case the desktop version of the app will always have a big flaw: only works if the smartphone connection is active. On the contrary, using it will be impossible. Users have often complained about this, but the top management of WhatsApp have proved uncompromising from this point of view.

How to install WhatsApp on pc: conclusions

You should now have a clear and complete picture about how to install whatsapp on pc.
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