How to integrate Google Calendar with the Windows 10 calendar app

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How to integrate Google Calendar with Windows 10 Calendar app: - The calendar app in Windows 10 has changed the look of the Windows 8 calendar app. The sleek new UI invites users to use the default calendar app. When you log in with your Outlook account, all your Outlook events are synced automatically. The revamped calendar app has added a new feature to sync your Google calendar. This feature was not present in previous versions of Windows. Everyone loves the Google Calendar, because it keeps track of our important events in one place. You can access it from your Android device and your computer. Read on to learn how to integrate Google calendar with the Windows 10 calendar app.

Add the Google calendar

  • Open the calendar app from the Start menu.

  • You can find the settings in the lower left corner of the window.

  • You now have the Settings menu on the right. Click on Administration Accounts.

  • Here you can see that my calendar app is already synced with Outlook account. To add your Google Calendar, click Add Account.

  • Now a choose an account A pop-up window will appear. Click on Google to add your Google calendar.

  • The newly opened window will ask you for your Google credentials. Enter your username and password, then click Register.

  • Finally, it will ask for your permission to connect. Click on yes.

  • If it is. You've successfully integrated Google Calendar with the Windows 10 calendar app.

Add events

I once wondered why events added in the Windows calendar app are not showing up in the Google calendar. The solution is that when you add an event, by default it will be added to your Microsoft account, not your Google account. Change your account while adding a new event. This will be clear to you from the following screenshots.

  • Click on any day to create an event. You can see that the default account is the Microsoft account.

  • Change it in your Google account by clicking the down arrow.

  • Now enter more details and click Done. The event you just created is added to your Google calendar.


If you want to change the look of your calendar app, go to the Personalization option in the Settings menu.

  • You have options to change the application colors, change the theme, and change the background. There are only two options for the theme: light theme and dark theme. Also, you can change the wallpaper from the provided list or you can choose another wallpaper of your choice from your computer.

You have now successfully integrated the Google calendar with the Windows 10 calendar app, added an event to the Google calendar and customized the app to your liking.

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