How to limit the bandwidth of a particular application in Windows 10

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How to limit bandwidth to certain applications in Windows 10: - Bandwidth is the maximum speed at which a network can transfer data. Our internet connections have low bandwidth. Therefore, insufficient bandwidth is a major problem that we face every day. In our Windows system, we have many applications for our various requirements, most of these applications consume our available bandwidth, running in the foreground or background. Therefore, by using this limited bandwidth, these applications create a bandwidth bottleneck in our systems. Although Windows supports a wide range of features, there is no such feature that controls an application's bandwidth usage. We may restrict the use of the Windows firewall for applications, but this is not practical as we may want those applications to connect to the Internet. In such a situation, we may use third party software called Network Balancer. This software gives us total control of the network on our computer. Read on to learn how to use this software effectively.


  • Go to NetBalancer official website and click Download NetBalancer button.


  • Double-click the downloaded file to install it like any other software. After installation, reboot your system.


  • After restarting the system, start NetBalancer using the shortcut on the desktop or from the start menu. The application may ask you to set some default network priorities. Just hit No for now. You can always set them up later.


  • In the upper right corner of the main window, click the Show only online processes icon to filter the processes connected to the Internet.


  • Click on the Download Rate section to sort the processes by the bandwidth they are using.


  • Right-click the process whose bandwidth you want to limit. You can select Low, Normal or High to limit the bandwidth used.

  • If you want to set a specific value as a limit, select the file Limit expanded menu option.


  • It will open the Edit window priority file. From here you can limit the speed and press the button well. Here I have a Chrome process limited to using only 150KB / s of available bandwidth.

  • You can also set the upload limit by changing Upload priority to Limited.

  • The process cannot exceed the limit unless you change the limit. If you want to remove the limit, change the priority status from Limited to Normal in the Edit window priority.


  • Sometimes the application may not be able to detect the network card. If so, click Change Option in the navigation bar and select Network Adapters.

  • In Network adapters select the network card to monitor and press well. Here I have three network adapters on my laptop. I have chosen to monitor all three adapters.

You have now learned a simple trick to prevent specific applications in Windows from consuming all available bandwidth.

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