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You stai chiedendo how to make a LinkedIn profile? Very well, here we are! In this focus we will provide you with all the information to be able to create an account on the popular social network dedicated to professionals. We will guide you step by step in registering your personal profile, whether you are doing it via computer or smartphone. This is not a long or complex procedure: in a few minutes you will have easily reached your goal. But no delay: let's go!

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How to make a LinkedIn profile

The information we are about to provide you with is purely practical: that is, you can find all the explanations on how to create a profile, but not on its optimization. So, once you've recorded everything, we recommend using little big tricks to make your LinkedIn account stand out.

Some examples? First of all, use a professional profile photo, since it is the first element that catches the eye of those who have searched / found you. Don't forget to provide a description of your profile, briefly explaining what skills you have and your work goals. Finally, last tip, connect with the right people (without sending requests to anyone) and create posts that arouse interest, relevant to your business.

Before all this, however, you are rightly asking yourself how to make a LinkedIn profile. Don't worry: that's what we're here for. Are you ready? Perfect, take five minutes of your free time and take a careful look at the next lines.

From Computer

Do you want to sign up for LinkedIn using your computer? Ok, first go to this web page, which is the one to use for registration on the social network. Fill out the form you see by entering all your personal data, and then click on Subscribe now. A page will open in which there will be a drop-down menu where you will have to select the country of your interest (in this case obviously Spain) and provide the postcode of your city. At this point you can click on Next.

Now you have to fill in the spaces relating to your professional life: the most recent Qualification, the most recent Company, or if you work click on I am a student. Once this is done, click on Continue. In the meantime, a confirmation code should have arrived by email, which you must now provide to proceed to the next screen. Click on Accept and confirm.

A page will open where you can import contacts from e-mail: click on Continue if you want to do it, otherwise on Ignore. You have finished registration: you are a new LinkedIn user! However, your profile is anything but complete: click on the pencil symbol at the top and start entering contact information, work experience, etc. and then click Save.

You can of course also update your profile, for example adding a new job position or a degree of education that you did not have before? Nothing could be simpler: click on Add a new job position or Add a new education degree. You can always do this from the Edit Introduction panel. Once finished, don't forget to click Save.

Da smartphone o tablet

If, on the other hand, you are wondering how to make a LinkedIn profile using a smartphone or tablet, first of all you need to download theofficial app of the social network on your Android or iOS mobile device. Once downloaded and started, click on Sign up now, fill in the text fields relating to personal data and then press on Accept and Sign up.

To verify your identity you may have to check the classic item I'm not a robot. Also, there is a possibility that you will be prompted to select the right images. Once this is done, press the Verify button. In addition, there is also a verification code: put the check mark next to the item Send me a text message to receive the code via SMS or next to the option Call me at the phone number if you prefer to receive a phone call, then enter your phone number in the Phone number field and finally press the Send code button.

Now you should have received the code: enter it where you read Verification code and press the Verify code button. At this point you can fill in the fields of the form displayed on the screen with all the required information, including the most recent qualification, the most recent company, etc. You are officially registered on LinkedIn! To complete the procedure, tap on Confirm your email address: in this way you will activate the account.


You should now have a complete picture of how to make a LinkedIn profile. It wasn't difficult, was it? Now you just have to start using what is in effect the most popular social network in the Spanish business world. Good luck for everything!

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