How to make Cortana use Google instead of Bing

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By default, Cortana, the new digital assistant in Windows 10, uses bing to get search results. Micorosoft gave no option to change it to google, duckduckgo or any other search engine of your choice. But people love Google, not Bing. They don't find Bing as accurate as Google in any way. Bing is a little more accurate for users in the US, but not for other countries. While it's not possible to change Cortana's default search engine, here in this article I'll show you how Cortana uses Google instead of Bing with a simple pinch.

In order for Cortana to use Google search, we first need to set Firefox Mozilla as the default browser.

How to change Cortana's default search engine from Bing to Google

Step 1 - First press key Windows + i to go to the system. You can also click the Start button and then click Settings to open it.

Step 2- Now, in the left menu, click on Default Applications. Now scroll down the right side of the options to a point where the Microsoft Edge web browser is. Click the border icon. A set of options will be displayed such as a different browser installed on your system. Select mozilla as your default browser.

To update: - In newer versions of Firefox 40, an extension is not required. You just have to set the default search engine in Firefox and they will automatically redirect all search queries from Bing to Google or your preferred search engine you want.

You are done, now Cortana search will get results from the Google search engine.


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