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You stai chiedendo come fare le storie su YouTube? Very well, here we are! In this tutorial we show you the procedure with all the steps to make stories even within the video social network par excellence. This feature was born recently within the portal, which thus wanted to adapt to other social networks. But let's not delay: let's go!

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How to make stories on YouTube

For less than a year the stories have also been introduced on YouTube. Available since last August, this function allows you to publish this video format on the famous Google social network that made the fortunes first of Snapchat (the real trailblazer) and then of Instagram. In truth, the stories had already been available on YouTube for some time, but only for channels with a certain number of subscribers.

A little less than a year ago they have become usable by several users, although not yet by everyone. You also have a channel and are looking for a guide who will explain you step by step come fare le storie su YouTube? Then make yourself comfortable and read the next lines: it is not about anything long or complex, with a little attention and a few minutes of your free time you will have succeeded in your intent. Enjoy the reading!

All the steps to create the story

Let's start from a premise: YouTube has set a minimum limit of subscribers for a channel to publish stories, that is 10 thousand registered users. In short, a nice skimming, and if you don't (yet) have these numbers, unfortunately we can't help you. If, on the other hand, you have already reached ten thousand, then you have the basic requirement to start using this function.

How do we know if we can take advantage of the feature in question? Take your smartphone, press the YouTube app, click the icon to upload a video or to make a live broadcast: if you have the option enabled, the “Stories” icon will appear. To create your first story, press the icon: the camera will open exactly as if you were on Instagram.

At this point you will see a screen where you can take photos and videos from your gallery, take / resume at the moment and share the content created immediately or add effects and filters.

The button in the center is used to take pictures (if you just press it) or make videos (if you hold it down for a few seconds). The last two buttons are used to: increase the exposure of the video in low light contexts the first and the second to switch from the camera for the seflie to the front one.

How to publish it

Now that you have all these aspects in place, you can start shooting or shooting, and then eventually shape your product with filters and other embellishments. Now you are ready to publish the story, but first I advise you to save: just press the "Save" button at the bottom left, because after that you will not be able to download it on YouTube in any way.

Another step before publication: as you can see, at the top there are some icons very similar to those of Instagram through which you can insert stickers, stickers, writings, etc. If you don't like your choice, exactly as it happens on Zuckerberg's social network, just drag it down to the bottom, in the trash can icon. Of course you can also add text, choosing the font you prefer (thin, thick, brush, typewriter, classic, etc.) and the background. And also in this phase, if desired, you can add filters.

Having done all this, we can press the "Publish" button. The story will be published in a few moments and will go live. Nothing complicated, right? And if you are a regular Instagram visitor, it will be like drinking a glass of water.

How to see the stories on YouTube

To see the story you just published you have to go to your YouTube channel (icon at the top right), then click on “My channel”. In the top menu you will see the “Stories” category added: if you press on it you will see the stories you have published in the past seven days. This is the big difference from Instagram: they last a week on YouTube.

People can comment on stories - if your channel integrates the review feature, comments will not appear on the story. In this case you have to go and fish them out within the YouTube Studio app. You will see both approved and under review comments there. On the screen you can also comment or leave a heart. A very nice aspect is that you can also reply to a comment with another story.

Great, we have come to the end of this short, but comprehensive and complete guide on how to post stories on youtube. We hope that very soon the portal will include more and more channels and does not distinguish between big and small YouTubers. Good fun!

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